Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playdate and Strawberry Ice Cream

Hello, hello blog friends!! Long time, no see! I'm so happy to be back, committed to blogging at least three times a week. Facebook is really BAD for blogging....well, for me anyway. :) I'm thinking I'll follow a M/W/F schedule to keep me on track. Some of the blogging topics I'll use will be crafting, how-tos, organization, recipes, and of course the occasional personal entries.

I gave my blog a new look and even stitched my own blog banner last night. I found a font I wanted to use (called Playdate), typed the title out in Word, then actually placed my fabric over the laptop screen and traced the title with a disappearing ink pen, ha. I stitched it last night while watching Pawn Stars (don't you love that show?), took photos of it this morning, edited it, uploaded it, and here it is. I took real photos instead of scanning because of the bulk from the buttons.

You'll also find some of my Paper Cowgirl class kits in my Etsy shop (link to the left). I had some left over so I reduced the price and listed them. Such a fun project for your home!

I'll leave you today with a yummy recipe that I love making in the summertime. The strawberry soda gives it a "bite" and it's SO easy to make. Strawberry Soda Ice Cream

I'll see you soon!


Mrs. Stovall2011 said...

Loving your post and yoru super cute homemade blog banner!

That ice cream looks so yummy. I tried to make French vanilla in my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream mixer and it was jsut MUSH. :( I was very sad about this outcome, but I will keep attempting it until it works ......... hmmmm strawberry soda might just be in my near future.


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Jennifer, i am loving your new blog look and that banner is gorgeous! Looking forward to visit you more here! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!