Thursday, August 04, 2011

Returning soon!

I'm coming back....I promise! In the next week or so I'm going to redo my blog and get on a regular schedule. Can't wait to return. :)


mendytexas said...

Hey Sweets! Post what you've been teaching!! I wanna see! Hugs from this part of Texas....mendy :)

Sarah said...

Well, as if I can't get enough of you on facebook and twitter, I'm ready for you to be back! :) However, my blog is very, very neglected too, so I know how it goes!

Terri/Grand Prairie,TX said...

Great news! I hope you are doing well. I never could find you on facebook. Do you know how many J.Stewarts are on FB : ) LOL

Anonymous said...

looking forwarward to having you back blogging. I'm starting mine up again soon. I have a full slate of classes coming up this fall and need to start advertising and showing peeks.


tnscrapper said...


I have missed you and your post. Always one of my favorite blogs!
Can't wait. Hurry up and come on back!

Marilyn C.

Anne-Liesse said...

I've missed checking in with you and look forward to seeing you back!