Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogging Schedule

So I'm hoping by creating a schedule for myself, I'll become more of a regular blogger. It keeps me accountable and it gives me a preset topic. Here's what I'm thinking -

Make Something Mondays: Craft projects, scrapbook pages, homemade holidays...just something related to crafts.

Whatever Wednesdays: On these days it will be random - maybe a personal story, organizational tips, reviews, etc.

Foodie Fridays: Every Friday I'll share new recipes and food stories. I think the best recipes are those that are already tried by someone else. So you can bet that I'll never share a bad recipe here!

Today I'm filling in the family calendar with fall activity dates. School, scouts, holidays, church activities, youth group, and my own classes - lots of fun coming up! Making sure to keep plenty of "blank spots" as well. That's purposeful. We can choose to fill every square on the calendar, keep our family running around 24/7, live in the minivan, eat at drive thru restaurants on the way to "somewhere"....or we can choose some blank space. Contrary to society, there doesn't have to always be something happening outside of togetherness at our own home to make life good. Do you try to do the same thing? When do you say "no?" Oh, and by the way....writing down things on a central family calendar is a great memory keeping tool. I have calendars from the past 10 years, and it's fun to look back on things like "38 week OB appointment" and "our 2nd anniversary trip." :)

I look forward to sharing more with you. As always, thanks for dropping by here!


tnscrapper said...


Can't Wait!!! Especially for the new recipies. I just made the King Ranch Chicken dish I got from one of your post waaaay back. So yummy!

Make It Mondays will be awesome too.

Marilyn C.

Mrs. Stovall2011 said...

I am loving your post and think the "not filling up everynight" idea is a great one to have. I have always wondered how some parents do it and when do those "activites" become more of a job than fun? One of my best memories as a little girl was watching Grandmommy cook in the kitchen or watching tennis with her. (A game that I didn't really get at the time, but just loved the time spent with her.) You are such a great mom and so in tune with the needs of your family!