Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey, everyone :)
Warning: Photo-heavy post!

On Saturday we went over to the 1898 store in Buda and to Citywide Garage Sale. I picked up a few goodies and thought I'd post 'em here. There isn't much better than junking! You can click on any photo for a closer look...

This is a lot of what I bought this weekend. Also got the shelf...original wood/paint and it was only $12! It's really heavy, probably 18" tall. I love that it's freestanding AND hangs on the wall. I'll use it in my shop to display.

An old ledger book from a grocery store in the 1905 and a tattered piano sheet music book.

A close up of the grocery ledger. Love how they kept these records so detailed. :) I'll be bundling these papers and sheet music with pretty ribbon to sell in my Etsy shop and in my store at the retreat in October.

An old shaving mirror! The shaving cream went in the metal base. The mirror swivels to the side as well as forward and back. The mirror is broken and she had this sweet old photo tucked inside. (she let me have it) I'll have something in the cup for sale in my store...not sure what yet.

The ledger and song books, an embroidered table runner, and some candy striped vintage Christmas balls.

Old, heavy salt shakers that will be filled with glitter for my store. Love these!

More of the salt shakers.

A condiment server set that I will have glass glitter in for scooping in my shop. Also a set of lace cuffs on the right that will probably go around a jar or two.

The condiment set, salt shakers, and a china bowl I loved. You don't see the orange flowers too often.

Another close up of the bowl.

One page of the piano song book "Songs For Girls." :)

One page of the sheet music book
and the bottom of the shaving mirror.

Don't forget that registration for Inspired 2010 starts soon.
I won't be teaching this time, but Donna has lined up some really fabulous teachers for 2010.
:) Don't miss it!

When does school start for you? Noah goes back on Wednesday.
Bittersweet, but I know he's ready (me, too) for some routine and to see his friends.
School supplies, uniforms, new backpack and lunch box...ready to go!

And because I miss it so's some of The Office for you.
(this is two years old, but still hilarious)

Have a beautiful week!


maggie said...

You always have such fun and interesting finds! I love the shelf and the salt shakers. And that grocery book is so cool and probably so interesting to read! So neat! I want to go shop where you shop for "junk"!! :)

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Hi there. I just found your blog for the first time and wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading about your "junking." You certainly hit the jackpot!! I loved all of your pictures!! Thanks for the share and I look forward to seeing more in the future. If you get a chance, I just started blogging again. I'm pretty new to it and am still learning how to do different things but that will come in time. : )

~Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Janna said...

OMGoodness...what TREASURES you have!!! What fun! I want to come play in your shop! You are totally on my bucket list, you know...of people I need to meet! LOL! One day...hopefully sooner than later! :) Hugs gal!