Sunday, May 18, 2008



Good morning :)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we went shopping and to lunch. One of our shopping stops was an antique marketplace. I found several vintage greeting cards and postcards and some fun old photos. These are my favorite things to hunt. :)


Some of these old postcards are so funny.
The wording on some of them is a little *odd* and sometimes a downer!
For example, this Valentine's Day postcard says...

Today, whatever may annoy you...
I hope this world holds naught but joy for you.

I just think it's funny they used the word "annoy" on the card, lol.

Love these old photographs, too.
It's fun to find photos where the people are acting silly, like this one with the 3 guys.
And since my mom was with me, she knew where the photo with the 2 ladies and little boy was taken!
It says "Congress Ave., Austin, TX" on it. My mom grew up in Austin and said that there used to be a photographer who would stand on Congress Avenue at lunchtime and take photos of people walking by. You had the option to purchase the photo. So cool to have one of these. :)


I also found a little paper church, the collectible kind with the hole in the back for a Christmas light. It's hard to tell, but it's covered with mica flakes. Really sweet.

Some of these photos and cards will definitely find their way into the vintage embellishment kits I'll be selling.


We are headed to my distant cousin's ranch this afternoon for fishing and a fish fry.
Hopefully I'll have some photos to share this week. :)


Jana said...

What fun finds & happy belated birthday to your mama!

Sudie said...

Happy birthday wishes to your Mama. Love your vintage finds.

zanne said...

Love the new Template for the Blog!!!

Chris Dodaj said...

Jennifer, cool finds. Actually those post cards can be pretty expensive on eBay, not that you want to sell them, but I just wanted you to know!
Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Andrea Amu said...

My Grandmother just gave me a big stack of vintage postcards and greetings the other week. I love going through them, and you are so right about the "odd" verses and sentiments on alot of them!

That church is darling... what a neat find!

Angie said...

One of my favorite things to do is cruise through your list of recipe sites...oh, and read your blog of course. ;)

Kendra said...

Hey Jennifer! Hadn't been here for awhile so I was checking in to catch up. Just had to tell you I'm coveting your wire basket you keep your stamp pads in. : )