Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Noah is about to finish school for the summer, so while I had some time to myself yesterday, I hopped over to a store I'd been wanting to visit. It's called Out of the Past and is literally PACKED full of stuff. If you are claustrophobic, don't go. I actually got a little dizzy and almost had to leave, lol. The aisles are tiny and the shelves are stuffed with books, dishes, old papers, photos, toys....just about anything you can think of. It's almost like you're walking into a pack rat's garage where she's been accumulating things for 30 years. While looking thru a pile of books, I found this little gem. It's an old cabinet card, 5x7, and the frame is gold embossed. I just love it. You can click on it to see a large view.

Wow, it was 101 degrees here yesterday. Unbelievable! Perfect time to share this recipe again.
It's so yummy and easy!

Strawberry Soda Ice Cream

2 liters of strawberry soda
2 pints of strawberries, washed
2 cans of Eagle Brand milk

Blend 1 pint strawberries in the blender.
Chop 1 pint of strawberries into small pieces. Mix all ingredients together and freeze in your ice cream freezer according to manufacturer's directions. Mmm.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...


That store sounds really cool! I'll have to check it out sometime. Stay cool this week.

Courtney :)

Anonymous said...


SHAME ON YOU!!! You know I am gonna have to try this one, especially after trying another one of your recipies, this has got to be scrumptious!!!! I will try it this weekend :)


Oakland Tennessee

Angela said...

Thank you for posting that beautiful poem!!!

Crafty P said...

Ooo, love that gold frame and the poem is just lovely. You have me itching to go scavenging, but alas, I need to declutter and get rid of, not accumulate right now!

the recipe sounds yummy! I bet the kids would love it!

Jana said...

Another cool store for you to take me to next time I visit, woohoo!! You guys are SO lucky!