Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Too bad they can't have more guys than girls in the finals of Idol.
Here are my favorite performances of the guys singing 80's this week!

David Cook - rocking out to Lionel Richie's "Hello"

Jason Castro - love this!
Singing Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah"

Michael Johns - AWESOME!
Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

David Archuleta singing Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise"
Really great, but his lip-licking is distracting! LOL
(like LL Cool J or something)

And the WORST performance of the night?
Ugh - Danny Noriega!
I didn't like this song before this...but now, I really dislike it.

And just because it's is David Archuleta 6 years ago. (11 years old)
He's in the lobby of the hotel where the season 1 American Idol finalists are staying. He and his family had gone to see the show and he saw them in the lobby. You can see Kelly Clarkson (red hat) and Justin Guarini (white t-shirt) listening to David sing.
So cool! :) I think it would be fun if she came on the finale and sang this song with him. He'll definitely be there.


Joy said...

I am in total agreement with your idol opinions. I hope that the girls pick it up tonight because last week was not so good for them. Looking forward to it.

Valita said...

Thanks so much for placing these on your website. I loved listening to them again at work. Well all but Danny N. Don't like him and I am afraid he and Chikizie should be "awfed" on Thursday. This is the best group of men ever. The girls better step it up or they will all go early on and it will be all about the men.

Jana said...

I'm SO with you on these too....LOVE Michael and can't stand Danny! A guy is definitely winning AI this season, the girls just can't measure up to them this time around IMO.

Heather said...

Some of our favorites too! Love David so much!! ;)

TerriC/Grand Prairie, TX said...

Thanks for posting David's you tube video.. I love him..I was thinking the same thing of both Kelly and him singing together : )
That would be awesome!

Kim said...

ITA with you about the number of guys. They are awesome this year. Just when I think I have a favorite, someone else performs and I just love them too. I just hope Danny goes real soon. I have to leave the room when he performs and gets the judges comments. Bleck. They all are so unique this season.

Allie said...

We LOVE Jason Castro and David Cook, Jenny!! Especially Jason Castro---so dreamy :)
I will have to disagree with you about David Archuleta and Danny Noriega----HATE and appreciate for the attitude, respectively. We don't even watch the girls' night! Are there even girls in it this year? ;)