Thursday, February 07, 2008



NOTE: Deb just let me know that they have plenty of the wooden dress sets back in stock, so go get some! They sold out last night but they are restocked today. (Friday)

I was honored to be asked to be the February guest designer for Say It With Letters! Deb has the most amazing wood shapes in tons of sizes and styles. They are smooth, beautiful MDF wood and have keyholes on the back for hanging. You must get you some and browse her shop!

Above is the project I made. Three cute as can be dress cut-outs (10", 8", and 6" high) covered with pink patterned papers and embellished with vintage glass glitter, lace, ribbon, flowers, and buttons. You can make your own by going to the Say It With Letters! website for ordering and complete instructions on my project. Click on the photo above for a larger view. There are also more photos on the SIWL website.

And since Noah would probably not speak to me for a week if I hung these in his room, I'm sending these off to my friend Stephanie for her sweet Harper and new baby, Sadie. :)

Off to stand in line for new license plates.
JOY! :)


Anonymous said...

Those are really adorable, Jenny.
I would love to have had those for you and your sisters' rooms when you were growing up.

Trish said...

How darling!

Scrappy Jessi said...

so sweet!!!

Debby said...

Congrats! Your dresses are very cute.

Diane said...

oh my goodness, those little girly dresses are so cute!

Melissa said...

Well, sheesh. They're so stinkin' adorable that they're now sold out! Way to go! ;)

I haven't oooohed and aaaahed over something this much in a while. My daughter definitely needs these in her room.


Jackietex said...

They are ADORABLE! I'm bummed they are sold out. You are so talented, Jennifer, you really inspire me.

jeanne said...

Very, very cute, Jen. Still giggling over your comment about Noah and the frame.

stephanie said...

gosh, i adore you!
(and envy your talent)

Chiara said...

that is just so super adorable

deb said...

Your friend's baby is adorable! Perfect addition to any little (or big) girl's room. :) I adore what you did with these shapes - soo soo sweet!

Cupcake said...


Great job with the shapes from Deb. I love them and now am feeling inspired!!!

Thanks for sharing!