Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Good morning! :)

I don't have a whole lot to blog about, so I thought I'd just do a random things post. I'm just so busy with getting materials ready for the INSPIRED event and packing class kits that not much else is going on...

1. The little lady pictured here was a gift from my mother-in-law for my birthday. Isn't she sweet? You can find her and lots of her sisters here. They are made of paperboard covered with a gloss acrylic lacquer, are about 9" tall, and have beautiful ribbons, beads, and detailing. I have her hanging on my desk. If you want to see a larger photo, just click on her.

2. I am the February guest artist for Say It With Letters! Deb is going to post the photos of my project tomorrow, so stay tuned. It's very girly. :) I'll post the photos tomorrow as well.

3. New 80's video down on the right sidebar. Nice hair. :)

4. Some people have asked me where I purchase certain items, so I thought I'd share those links with you. I want them to have tons of business...just don't order it all. :)

Vintage glass glitter I order from Splinters and Rags. She has wonderful prices and the fastest shipping ever!

Cat's eye chalk inkpads I order from Scrapbook Pal. Great prices and selection. I also like to get adhesive here.

Ribbon (mostly) comes from Ribbons and Bows, Oh My! Soooo many colors.

Plastic bags and wrapping for kits - gotta love Uline.
Photobucket5. I'm slowly becoming addicted to Vitamin Water. Have you tried this stuff? It basically tastes like watered-down kool aid (good thing, not so sweet) and actually has vitamins and other fun things in it. And the writing on the bottle is kind of funny. For example, right now I'm drinking the Defense blend - Raspberry Apple with C and zinc. On the label it says - If you've had to use sick days because you've actually been sick then you're seriously missing out my friends. See, the trick is to stay healthy and use sick days to just, um, not go in. And the combination of zinc and fortifying vitamins can help out with that and keep you healthy as a horse. So drink up. Remember, don't overdo it on the coughing and sniffing (big rookie mistake). Just stick with the ever elusive "24-hour bug." The symptoms are vague and people will actually encourage you to stay home. Funny stuff.
And on every bottle - For best results, stick it in the fridge.

6. Valentine's Day gifts - If you're looking for some ideas for Valentine's Day, here are some for you:

* A red fleece blanket, a container of hot chocolate mix and a romantic movie on DVD. Tie them all up with a wide satin ribbon in red, pink, antique white - whatever you like. It's like a "cozy evening" in a package. :)

* (for a crafter) A collection of adhesives in a red tin with a chocolate bar tucked inside. (Stuck on You!)

* A new set of high thread-count pillowcases with a bottle of linen spray. (crisp white is always a good choice)

* (for the little ones) Inside of a red folder, insert some Valentine's Day coloring and activity pages. Tuck a new box (small) of crayons in the folder pocket. When you're out running errands, give it to your child in the car or wherever you might be going. :)

* Make some chocolate truffles. Yum!

* Have a family candlelight dinner! Use metallic taper candles, Hershey kisses in jars and scattered on the table for your centerpiece, and your best china. (What are you saving it for?) Another idea for the table - buy a yard or two of shimmery gauze material and a string of white battery-operated lights. (available at craft stores in the wedding department year-round) Lay the lights in the middle of the table and drape the gauze over the lights, tucking in any raw ends. This looks beautiful on your table and your kids will think it's pretty darn special. :)

Ok, gotta go do laundry. Have a blessed day!

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life." ~Pablo Picasso


Jennifer said...

Love those Valentine day gift ideas! I think I'm going to do the first one for my husband. I've been at a loss for what to get him.

I you like Vitamin Water you should try the XXX one. I'm totally addicted to it and now my daughter loves to drink it as well. They are hard to find and we always fight over the last bottle.

Teresa said...

For not much to blog about today, you blogged pretty good, girlfriend. Check out the post on my blog today to see what's going on up here in Iowa. I remember you saying something a while back about wanting snow...

Colleen said...

What a great blog! I love all your scrumptious valentine's day ideas!

Congrats on being SIWL's guest designer...can't wait to see what you made!

deb said...

That angel is so sweet. So many great links.. that'll keep me busy. :)

stephanie said...

love everything you've shared...
hope you are having a beautiful week...xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen! love your random blogs : )

Have a blessed day!

Amanda B said...

Congrats on the guset artist gig! I checked it out and your project is super cute!


Cameron said...

Oh for heaven's sake, I have to stop reading your blog, it's costing me too much money. I just bought some glass glitter and three--3!--different fairy angels. :) Can't wait to meet you at Inspired!