Monday, October 08, 2007


Aren't there some things that you could just stare at for a long time to be inspired? For me, it's ribbon, jars of buttons, and rich patterned papers and glitters. Just looking at my newly organized ribbons and lace makes me smile and want to use it! I ended up having to use TWO this is part of one. I acquired some fun vintage lace recently. I want to use a bunch on some upcoming swaps for Silver Bella. If you need to stare at a larger photo, just click on this one.

Speaking of Silver Bella... the special guest speaker for Friday's luncheon is Chris Brown of Urban Prairie. I cannot WAIT to meet him and hear him speak. I had to laugh when I was reading his blog and saw that his favorite store in Austin is MY favorite store - Uncommon Objects. Cool! :)

I have some fun ideas for classes next year....with fabric, handmade flowers, mini albums, hand-stitching, glitter, buttons....(sigh) Just need to get it all organized on paper, in a notebook...out of my head.

And here's your evening funny - The Office: Take Your Daughter To Work :)

And bonus! Take Your Daughter To Work - Deleted Scenes :)
(actually fills in some gaps from the first clip)

There are rest and healing in the contemplation of antiquities.
- Life on the Mississippi


Susan Carter said...

I would totally come!! I love your work and your blog. I checked out Uncommon Objects since you spoke so highly of it - wow!! A little slice of heaven!
Susan Carter (in Round Rock)

Anonymous said...

giiiiiirl! i am SO there, when are you starting them?? ;)

too tired to sign in
kara :D

Andrea Amu said...

Ohhh! Beautiful ribbons! I could stare awhile too! :)

Aimeslee said...

Oh wow, The Office and Mark Twain in one place! Gotta love that, hehe.

Rachael said...

What beautiful ribbons and laces!!! I really need to start using them more!!

So pretty!!

Have a great day!

Linda said...

Your ribbons are gorgeous, makes me want to go use mine.

Tracy said...

me too! I love jars of buttons and assorted ribbons, laces and trims. fun stuff!

Jackietex said...

Jennifer, I can't find an archive on your blog and I was wondering which cart you bought for retreats. I remember that you got it at The Container Store, but which one? Thanks!

suzi finer said...

office freak,
art freak,
love the blog, linking you up!
have a wonderful bella!