Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hi! :)

Isn't this centerpiece beautiful? It's from Pottery Barn, part of their new autumnal decor. It's a Pomegranate Pheasant (feathers) Centerpiece Candleholder. I love the deep red color of pomegranates.

I had a wonderful time teaching in San Antonio on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came! I am taking a teaching break for the rest of 2007. Just need some relaxation time for the holiday season and time to focus on my home and family. That does NOT mean I'm not going to be creative, though. I have some new class ideas in mind that I plan to work on, including a series for next year. Should be fun. :) I will be putting my remaining class kits on Etsy sometime early this next week.

OK......first, thank you SO so much for all of your sweet comments. They sure put a smile on my face and made me so happy to know that so many people like it here. For the COLOR giveaway winners, I had Noah choose two numbers between 1-100 and the number of comment that you are determines if you win. So....Noah chose comments 43 and 56! (I had him close his eyes and put his finger down on his hundred chart to choose) Here are the winners, comments 43 and 56 (one person commented twice in a row, so I counted her once) -

wendy said...
hey jennifer, i found your blog via 2peas and i love your style. it's not mine but i so admire it and your sweet boy noah! (hi noah!!!)thanks for the color giveaway, that is so up my alley! :)


I love your blog..I found you on the aol scrapbooking message board. Besides looking at your work, i need to check to see what 80's music you are today's and nkotb. I enjoy using bright colors.

WENDY and ROCHELLE, please email me ( and I'll get your color goodies to you.
Thanks again, everyone. :) I'll do it again soon!

New 80's video over on the sidebar ~~~~> Thompson Twins in the house!

Here's a recipe I want to try sometime in October - Pumpkin Gingerbread. Yum.

And finally.....The Office: The Carpet. :D


Kate said...

So are you going to work on decorating the house with the new found "free" time. (as if mom's have free time).

Love that pottery barn center piece! I need some ideas for November. Right now my house is totally Halloween!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, that is pretty - isn't fall decor the best??? Have fun on your "off" time - I hope you share your creative stuff here :)