Thursday, August 30, 2007


YAY! Donna is sharing some sneak peeks of our projects for her Inspired. Artist Workshop event next year.
Here is the photo peek she posted of MY home decor project!
I love it so much! :)

Tonight we have a cub scout "make your own ice cream" night.
There are 4 gallons of heavy cream and $30 worth of vanilla in the kitchen. LOL!
And sprinkles, of course. Noah's favorite part!

Going to get new glasses today (hopefully) and tomorrow night is
Scrapbook Crossing's grand RE-OPENING event! Gotta print out my
invitation. Can't wait to see the newly designed store and new products.
Looking forward to a night with other people who like to smell paper. :)

Ok, listening to 80's music and this song just came on.
This video is just hilarious. :)

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al


Kim said...

That was a trip down memory lane. I love that video.

Carla S. said...

Jennifer, that is my husband's FAVORITE song!! You know I am SO sending it to him right now!! Wish I could see you in your new glasses this weekend!

jeanne said...

I love that video. Thanks for sharing Jen.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

That was a favorite video of mine!!! Thanks for the memory!

Heather said...

Oh it looks SO pretty! I hope to be able to come to this...crossing my fingers! ;)