Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hi! Blogger is being rude, so I can't post a photo.

I just spent about 8-9 hours writing down every detail of the products used in my home decor class for Donna Downey's Inspired.Artist Workshop. I am so excited AGAIN about my project. :) Some of my Austin and San Antonio friends may have to come over at the beginning of the year and help me pack kits, ha. I'll supply the food, chocolate, and 80's music! (Jana..you ARE coming, lol)

Made myself a new banner the other day. (look up) I think it's fun!

This week I need to finish and send off my sample to Scrapbook 911 for my class in October and start packing kits for my September classes. I actually like to do that while everything's spread out on the floor. Good time to watch my Golden Girls or Happy Days DVDs. :)

Tonight for dinner I made a really yummy Grilled Steak Salad. I just made up the recipe...

Grilled Steak Salad

1 lb. lean steak, trimmed and cut into thin strips
1 small sweet onion
1 red bell pepper
2 avocadoes
shredded cheddar cheese
2 tomatoes
balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Montreal Steak seasoning (spice mix in spice section)
Spring Mix salad

Marinate the meat in a glass pan for 1-4 hours prior to cooking. (marinate in some of the dressing, the MS seasoning, and a little worcestershire sauce) Grill the onions on a hot grill pan or in an electric skillet with a little non-stick cooking spray (or butter/margarine). When onions are browned and getting dark (that's how we like them) add the meat to the pan. Cook at a high heat (400) until meat is well done and turning dark on edges. Add red pepper strips and cook until desired doneness. On a plate, put a handful of the spring mix, top with grilled steak mixture, chunked tomatoes, avocado slices, shredded cheese, and dressing. (also VERY good with ranch dressing!) Yum! Noah even LOVED it!



Tinka said...

LOL!! I'd love to help you pack up your kits for Donna's event!! And I am so looking forward to taking your class in October at 911!!

Lara said...

Your salad recipe looks yummiola! Thanks for sharing!

Jana said...

You betcha I'll come help!!

Deborah said...

I really like your new banner. And please do not tempt me with food...diabetic and it's hard. Maybe you can post something low in salt, low to no sugar, no cholesterol and no bad fats. Cardboard come to mind but certainly you are a gifted cook and could create something????

monicaintexas said...

will work for chocolate and 80's music.


Kara said...

sounds like fun!! let me know if you need any help!! those kits will kill ya!! ;)

courtney gregory said...

Will work for chocolate! :)