Sunday, September 02, 2007


"Lord, give me patience to handle my blessings."

I saw this quote today and just loved it.
So many times we (I) complain about details in life instead of thinking how much of a blessing those details really are.
I hate to sound Pollyana-ish, but it's true.

I have SO much to do this week that I find myself complaining about
- being in charge of cub scout campout prep, cleaning, school meetings, soccer practice, class kits..
but each one is such a blessing in it's own way.

I am SO thankful that David is committed to cub scouts with Noah.
It's a wonderful activity for them to do together as father and son.
I'm so thankful that Noah can run and kick a soccer ball.
I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to teach classes and
share the love of memory-making and creating something with other women.

We all have our "lists," some much harder than others.

At times I get discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, tired. Who doesn't?
But I must eventually bring it back around to "this is connected to a blessing."
Do you know how badly we want another baby? A lot.
Noah prays every night for a brother or sister.
But there are times when I think, "whew..I'm so glad I just have one at this moment."

God gives us what He gives us...and we can whine or we can say I'm thankful.

Must say that I'm also thankful for humor.
Enjoy a little The Office - karaoke style!
(thanks, Lynn!)

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Jackietex said...

Jennifer, thanks for the reminder to be thankful--that can never be said enough! I saw you on Friday at Scrapbook Crossing but I didn't want to seem like a stalker so I smiled and walked on. :)

Kara said...

*HUGS* to you. i hear ya. i feel the same way during times, but then need to appreciate everything in life.
i will pray for you guys too. my little lauren took 16 mos. to get. but now, i look at her and think that she was so worth the wait!!

Jana said...

Oh Girl, I am SO with you on having to remind myself daily to find the joy in often mundane chores/duties. I post little reminders around my house like that too just to pull me out of my little pity parties when I need it. About another baby, I'll pray that God's will be done in your lives.

Terri / Grand Prairie, TX said...

Thanks Jennifer for sharing the quote "Lord, give me patience to handle my blessings."

I am going to print this out and place on my refrig!