Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Good morning :)

It was raining hard this morning, nice strong thundershowers. I watched a Christmas episode of Little House on the Prairie while it rained and it got me all excited about Christmas again. I love everything old-fashioned about Christmas - Handmade ornaments, baking sugar cookies, decorations from my childhood, old 8mm home movies of us running down the stairs to waiting Santa gifts, and Nat King Cole and the Ray Conniff singers Christmas tunes. I am starting to collect retro Christmas decorations so now I'm on the look out everytime I go into an antique store or flea market. I want an old-fashioned tree this year. So much in life isn't simple and nostalgic. Christmas should be.

I shared this recipe last summer and thought it might be time to post it again.
This is the yummiest, easiest ice cream.

Strawberry Soda Ice Cream

2 liters of strawberry soda
2 pints of strawberries
2 cans of Eagle Brand milk

Blend 1 pint strawberries in the blender.
Chop 1 pint of strawberries into small pieces.
Mix all ingredients together and freeze in your ice cream freezer
according to manufacturer's directions. YUMMY!

Have a blessed day!

"You're rich if you've had a meal today." - Billy Graham


Cupcake said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your old-fashioned Christmas tree! Have a wonderful day! And the headshot looks great.

Marie Starr said...

Hello, Jen! {Or should I say, "Merry Christmas"?}

I love Little House and their Christmas episodes - especially! Nat King Cole? Ray Coniff Singers? I thought I was the only one who enjoyed those golden oldies! Ha!

Great ornaments, too, by the way!

Marie Starr

Heidi said...

I LOVE vintage Christmas stuff! I even have an old aluminum tree and I put vintage hot pink & turquoise ornaments on it--it's to die for! It looks like a big disco ball when the sun hits it. :)

Your picture looks darling!

KimberleyRose said...

I thought I was the only one in June that has a Christmas spirit.. well, Fall comes first, so I've been Ga-Ga about fall, I'm a Fall FREAK. (Have you ever been to Lost Maples, it's gorgeous!)

Anyhow, love the vintage look also.. and your pic is to die for. You look BEE-U-TTTT-FUL!

stephanie said...

Beautiful picture, Jennifer!

Love The Ray Coniff singers.
I think I'll pop that CD in and start making my Christmas plans...never too early. :D

Thanks for the ice cream recipe-sounds absolutely YUMMERS.