Monday, June 18, 2007


You know those metal shelves that your Grandma used to have in her bathroom...always holding an old Avon container of powder and other little bathroom trinkets? On Sunday David, Noah and I went to the Citywide Garage Sale/Flea Market and I found one of those shelves in pink. 'O happy day! It's hanging on my scrap room wall with a bunch of stuff on it now. And of course I didn't clean it.

Oh, and I got some of those clear billboard letters to spell FUN. (on the old window) She had the word "fun" spelled out on her table at the flea market. :D You can see more photos of some of the little things I added to my scrap space here.

Rewind...... the cinnamon roll recipe that I posted earlier......FABULOUS.

And Austin girls, let's load up the van and go to Wimberley! (read my last post)

I need to cut like a million felt I think I need a Big Shot. (die cut machine) I never thought I'd need one and probably won't need it much after this, but I need one. I don't even know what it looks like, lol. Guess I'll go to Michael's with a coupon? I hope we still have the Sunday paper.

Check out my shy, withdrawn son. I wish he'd come out of his shell. I'm worried about him.

* Noah - Goofy Goober *



"If it seems a childish thing to do, do it in remembrance that you are a child." - Frederick Buechner


Nicole said...

love all of your vintage goodies...totally jealous over here!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Move over Red Hot Chili Peppers..Noah is breaking out!!
Oh My goodness..He is going to be a rock Star! Hang on to those apron strings Jen cause it is going to be a wild ride!!!

Cupcake said...

OMG Jennifer, that video of Noah is hilareous and adorable. Thanks for sharing!!!

Kris with a K said...

Noah is adorable!! That's so stinking cute. I've never heard the song before, but we've called the kids and each other Goofy Goobers for years, so I especially loved it.

A PINK shelving set?? I am so jealous! I am going vintage shopping with you, girl, you get the best stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer :)

I loved looking at your new goodies for your scrapbook room.
I read your blog all the time and tell everyone at the store about how awesome you and your ideas are :)

I can't believe how big the Goofy Goober has gotten.

Cute video :)


Lynne said...

What a lovely room you have. I love going to car boots and finding little treasures like that.