Saturday, June 16, 2007


Happy weekend!
After grocery shopping this morning, I spent a good part of the day with my little notebook and a stack of magazines. Writing down and drawing ideas for my big project. I think it worked. :) And isn't this notebook fun? I got it at Border's in the stationery section. I added the little rhinestone brooch (antique store find) with a scrap of pink velvet ribbon.
Ok, Austin gals......who's in?
I want to go to Wimberley Market Days on Saturday, July 7th. It's a sixteen acre outdoor antique and junk shopping extravaganza! I can fit 5 more people in my van, unless anyone plans to buy something huge, then you'll need to follow in your car, lol. And of course if more people want to go then we can take more than one vehicle. Have to meet EARLY (like 7:30 a.m.) at Starbucks then head out. (way south Austin)
Let me know if you want to go!
Tomorrow morning I'm making homemade cinnamon rolls for David. I hope they are good!
Here's the recipe: Clone of a Cinnabon
Happy Father's Day to all of the special Dads in your life. :)
"Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Kris with a K said...

Ooo, Jennifer, that sounds like fun! I would be first in line to ride along for such a shopping excursion, but I'll be in Silver Lake Michigan then. Jackie and I are taking off 6/25 and I won't be back till the end of July.

Buy something pink in my honor!

Anonymous said...

that's a great little notebook! yummy recipe too... I love
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Jackietex said...

I was gonna say how I wish I could go, but kris with a k beat me to it! Have a great time--and write about it! I want Kris to go with me sometime.

I love how you added the broach to your notebook, it looks beautiful!

Heather said...

I want to go! Sounds like a awesome place! I so want to visit you someday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Count me in Jen. I'll be in my new house by then so I'll be excited to shop for some new finds. Lori

courtney gregory said...

Not sure that I'll be able to come. :( I really want to though. May have company at our house that day. I'll let you know for sure soon.

Kara said...

oh!! i am totally up for some junk shopping. how fun!! let me know the details!