Thursday, June 14, 2007


Good morning!
I have a big metal tub filled with these sweet little moss roses on the back porch. I got the metal tub at Target a few years ago in the Summer section. I drilled a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and filled it with soil. I love the colors of these flowers. (the orange is my favorite)

Today I need to work on my menu and grocery list. I go thru my recipes and make a rough menu for the week and then make a grocery list from that. I have to have a list when I go grocery shopping, otherwise I come home with WAY too much. Here's a recipe that I'll be making probably tonight.... Asian Grilled Salmon.

I had to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get some project supplies and saw these beautiful new ribbons by the yard. Turquoise velvet and chocolate brown velvet with a sheer lace trim.
LOVE these.
(The thin brown lace is Making Memories...really sweet and dainty!)

Look where we are going in a couple of weeks. Ha..can't wait!

"Music is a friend of labor for it lightens the task by
refreshing the nerves and spirit of the worker." ~William Green


mmskrmooney said...

Oh, I am so jealous!!! I LOVE The Princess Bride and usually find at least one reason to quote from it every day!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness! Once upon a time Andy and I could both quote that thing!

I'm supposed to be in Austin the weekend of July 20 (PTA thing). Betting I could get Andy to go along if they were showing that thing then.

KimberleyRose said...

Love the ribbon Jennifer :-) Your flowers are gorgeous. It's hard to find a nice flower that lasts in good ole Texas weather. (I'm also partial to Petunias, beautiful and will last w/o water for a few days! ha ha.)

Hope all is well!