Sunday, February 18, 2007


HI!! Blogging here from hotel room outside of Boston! There is a chance of some snow showers today, so maybe I'll get to see some freshly fallen snow. There is plenty of snow piled up along the roadways, which I loved...but everyone here said, "no, that's dirty snow...not pretty!" Hey, any snow to me is pretty...ha! :)

I had THE most wonderful time this weekend at Right at Home Scrapbooking! Sharon and Lisa worked so hard to make my stay memorable. Wonderful accommodations, a beautiful store and classrooms, delicious food...they just really took good care of me and all of the little details! And Fatima, such a sweetheart! She works at the store and she made me a DELICIOUS hummingbird cake, since she saw on my blog that it was my favorite cake. I just thought that was the sweetest thing. :) I got to meet Sarah, a fellow 2Pea-er....hi, Sarah! (she is SO much fun) And all of my students were so patient, friendly, and complimentary. (Hi, everyone!) Thank you so much, Right at Home, for inviting me! :)

Sharon and Lisa's store is just fabulous. I ran around and shopped Saturday night before I left and I could have spent a few hours walking around and filling a basket. They even have a separate building with a huge classroom, kitchen, and another room to the side. It was beautiful.

Here are some photos of the store and some of my classes. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but I was soo busy the entire time I was there. So....anyone who has some good photos, please email them to me! :)

Headed to the airport in a little while....have to get some Starbucks somewhere. :)
Can't wait to be home!
- Jennifer


Jana said...

What a rockin' store....wish we had one that nice around here!! I'm so glad the girls there took good care of you and that you'll be home soon.

Teresa Wilkins said...

I thought alot about you this weekend. I am so glad that you had a good time. The store pictures look wonderful.

Sharon said...

Jennifer I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. We loved having you and can't wait to see what new goodies you will design for your next visit. Thanks for taking some time away from your family and spending it with us.

Lisa said...

So glad you visited with us for the weekend. It was great to meet you, get to know you, and fun to learn from you.


Fatima said...

You Rock Curly Sister!! It was a great pleasure to meet you and learn new techniques from you. I LOVE my Shadowbox House. Had lots of fun getting to know you. So glad you enjoyed your cake. Hope to see you again real soon.


Curly Sisters for Life!! :)

Sarah Kristiansen said...

hey lady....I just found your blog! I have to add you immediately to my list...(new blogger here!)

Thanks for the was so wonderful meeting you too, I wish we could have hung out some more while you were time for sure!