Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Good morning! :)

Just enjoying an absolutely GORGEOUS morning here with a cup of coffee, looking out the window in front of my scrapping table. Ok, my new Boston friends will hate me....but it was 75 degrees here yesterday and will be in the 70's all week. :) (I think the low the other night in Boston was 8...degrees) Actually, I love the cold weather and wish we had more of the seasons here in TX. I saw two of my hyacinth bulbs poking out of the dirt yesterday and the birds are chirping this morning. Ok, how's that for a Pollyana first paragraph? ha!

I am so excited that Lisa from Right at Home asked me to be on their design team for the store. :) A lot of the design team members are long distance...we just do everything via mail. Thank you, Lisa and Sharon!

When I was in Boston I bought MORE Foofala buttons. Yeah, I needed those so badly. When I got home and was putting my new things away, I decided to just pour all of my Foofala buttons into a big glass jar. So...that's what you see up there. Those are just my Foofala buttons...ha. But I use them! (the wire basket next to it is a black wrought iron basket that holds my inkpads)

So excited I'm actually going to a crop on Friday night. To scrapbook. Real pages. @@

Oh...and American Idol. :( I must say that I am not too thrilled with it this year. Boohoo! Last year as soon as we saw Taylor audition, we couldn't wait to see him sing every week. There is no one this year like that for us. I think my favorite guy is Blake, the beat boxer. He is fun! And I like Chris with the curly hair. But the rest were We were saying last night that if Chris, Elliot, or Taylor were in THIS group, they could just sit back and relax. I hope there is a good girl or two in tonight's show.

Tonight for dinner I'm going to make BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps. Basically this is what I do:

In a large pan, saute' 1 medium sweet onion, sliced, and 1 clove of garlic, chopped with a little butter or margarine. When onions are soft, add strips of chicken breast and cook until chicken is browned. (you can add other things like fresh mushrooms, red peppers...anything you like) Now pour a little bit of your favorite GOOD BBQ sauce into the pan and stir. (don't overdo it on the BBQ sauce, can always add more later) Warm some large tortillas. Fill a tortilla with some of the chicken/onion/BBQ sauce mixture and top with shredded jack cheese, if you like. Add some mixed greens or lettuce, diced tomatoes, and some ranch dressing. Fold over and eat! These are REALLY yummy and great for dinner on the go. (sometimes we have to eat in the van on the way to somewhere) You can just wrap each one in foil and GO.

Have a wonderful day! :)

- Jennifer

"Peace is the deliberate adjustment of my life to the will of God." - Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. Thank you for the BBQ recipe, I will make me some for lunch! I was just telling my husband I am craving BBQ so we are going out friday for some at Lucille's smokehouse! But in the meantime I can have one of these, what do you think of using the pre-cooked chicken they sell in the deli meat section?

Kara said...

hey girl!! congrats!! sounds like lots of fun. i LOVE the boston area, but i am sure that it was chilled there! ;)
jana (p) and i are meeting for lunch and shopping in san marcos next wednesday, wanna come and join us?
talk soon! *hugs*

Kim said...

It's a beautiful day here in Tampa as well. We had a short cold snap and now we are supposed to be 80 by Saturday! I agree with you on the American Idol. No real "wow" people. Like you, Blake is my favorite. I thought they all sounded the same. No one really stood out! It will be interesting to see how the gals do! Glad you had a wonderful time in Boston.

Heather said...

OH you totally just made me really hungry! YUM! So glad you had a great time at the store and cool on the team part...but of course they would ask you! ;)

forestsister said...

your buttons rock! one day i will also have a kewl button jar like that :)

and...that chicken ranch wrap recipe sounds like a real hit...must try it on my family. cheers!

Melissa said...

Not impressed by any of the guys last night except Blake. His tone reminded me a bit of some of my faves from the 80's- Howard Jones, Sting, etc.

Anonymous said...

Had to let you know that I made your chicken wrap recipe, YUMMO it was a hit with my family. Thanks for sharing - Karen

Cupcake said...

Hey Stephanie,
Well we are expecting a BIG snowstorm so I will live vicariously through your warm Texas weather!
Love all your buttons. I love buttons too and am always on the look our for beautiful vintage buttons.
Have a great weekend and don't forget the sunscreen!

Carla said...

Hey, Jen! I do that food thing too -- buy too much right before I go out of town, then work like crazy to use it all up without doing further shopping. You should have seen me the last couple of days before I left SA. BTW, I love those Foofala buttons, too. Need to get some more; I used up most of mine on that button Christmas tree project! I'm so glad your class went well (like there was any doubt) and excited for your new DT gig!!

Fatima said...

Congrats on your Design Team position for Right At Home. Can't wait to see your work :)


Curly Sister :)

Julia said...

Congrats Jennifer! So happy for you!!! And love all those buttons! Mine are in the same and love just looking at them!!

Karen Lopez said...

That's awesome Jennifer! Congrats! :) Those Foof-a-la buttons are very addicting! :)