Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy 2007!

I'm really excited about the beginning of a new year.
It always feels like there are new opportunities, new challenges, and exciting things to come.
I don't necessarily have any resolutions, but I do have some changes I want to make in my life.

Last night David, Noah and I went to Target.
I hadn't been there in about two weeks. That is a LONG time for me and I was SO excited to go!
We had some returns to make so we all went together.
I don't usually hit the Christmas merchandise sales, but I saw a few things I had to have.

First...the metal tins pictured here.
These contained some Christmas flavors of taffy. I took those out, ha.
These stacked tins were only $3.24....that's 75% off. I just love them! They come just like this, in a set of 3.

I also purchased a whole stack of Christmas CDs that were only $2.50/each.
I got Brian Setzer, a bunch of "The Brat Pack" Christmas CDs, and a few others.
I'm going to give them as Christmas presents to Noah's teachers and the staff next year.
Yay! (originally $9.99....they were all 75% off)

I'm promising myself to do Christmas shopping ALL year this year.
I love finding bargains and buying something really good at a great price.
NOW is the time to buy fleece gloves, hats and pajamas for next year's gifts!
Bath and Body Works also has some wonderful sale items, too.

I did a lot of reorganizing last night of my scrapbooking space.
Left some empty spaces just for some breathing room.
I put extra supplies and some other things I wasn't using as much in another cabinet.
Feels nice to not have everything crowded and only be surrounded by supplies I love. :)

And here is the newest member of our family. :)
Baby Levi was born to my sister and her husband on Dec. 29th.
Here he is with my sister and his BIG brother, Jack. (who is only 17 months old himself!)
He also has another big brother, Luke (5), who wasn't in this photo:

So precious. Jack likes to point out all of Levi's features..."HAIR! EYES! NOSE!"
with a nice strong point and jab. I think my sister and brother-in-law are going to be saying "gentle" about 10 million times in the next year or two. :)

Here is a good recipe to start the year. It's definitely "soup" weather here!
This is THE best stew ever:
Paula Deen's Beef Stew
(Note: there are no potatoes in the stew because
on the show she served the stew over mashed potatoes. Yum!)

Oh...and peek inside my little cabinet next to my scrap table. haha :)
(I'm missing three boxes that my sister needs to RETURN to me :) -
The Jeffersons, another All in the Family, and Good Times!)

Have a wonderful week!
- Jennifer

"We know the excitement of getting a present- we love to unwrap it to see what is inside. So it is with our children - they are gifts we unwrap for years as we discover the unique characters God has made them." - Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.


Gretchen said...

I almost bought the same tins!!!

Happy New Year!

rani said...

congratulations on your new nephew!!!!
happy new year!

nat said...

Happy new Year!

PROLIX from la Normandie said...

the baby is too cute!!!

Bonne année!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Kerry said...

So, the fact that I had a dream about these containers means I have to go get them, right?

That baby is beautiful!

MichelleLanning said...

ohh - I am so going to look for those little containers :)

That little family is toooo cute!

Robyn said...

Gosh Jen you are a regular bargain betty! I really think that's a great idea to shop all year. And I love those tins.

robynw said...

Congratulations to your family on it's newest member! And what a great collection of "good TV" you have! I'll have to come over to scrap and watch one day!

Josie said...

I love new year sales esp at target. You got some good bargains. The Paula Deen stew sounds fantastic. I tried her potato casserole over the holidays and it was so yummy. Have fun watching the golden girls, another one for my wishlist.

Sheila Doherty said...

Sounds like some great finds, Jennifer. Congrats on the new nephew. He's a cutie!

Cupcake said...

Alright Ms. Enabler now I have to go to Target tonight :-) And just to get me through until I can see the real stuff I think I am going to have to check on-line. I am hoping to find the file cabinet tin thingies - ingenious girl!

Happy New Year!

Karen Lopez said...

Congrats on your new baby nephew Jennifer!

Love your library of movies! You sound just like me. I watch movies on my laptop too. :)

Happy New Year!

Carla said...

OH, CRAP! Why didn't you tell me about that Target stuff, Jen?! JK!!! Love the tins, and I totally love Brian Setzer. Maybe I'll go out looking today -- but I'm sure it's too late by now....Oh, and congrats on the newest member of the family! :)