Thursday, December 28, 2006


Two of my Christmas gifts from David's stepmom.

:D What could be better?!

When I opened them I immediately wanted to go upstairs, pop in the DVDs and have a foot massage/spa!

I know....I'm strange. I love watching sitcoms on DVD while I scrapbook. My laptop has a DVD player, so it's perfect entertainment. So far I have two seasons of All in the Family, two The Jeffersons, Gimme a Break, Mama's Family, Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, and now The Golden s. I'm set! :D What is something that you got/wanted for Christmas that is a tad embarassing?

Today I finished a WRMK project and overnighted it to Utah. It was fun to have to get a project done in the middle of having a house full of company, wrapping paper bits all over the house, and laughing kids running everywhere. I'm looking forward to some normalcy so I can just sit down, order tons of photos, and then scrapbook them. Ahhh....January.

Tomorrow there is a chance of severe weather in Texas and I'm nervous. I that. It's the one thing that when I know it might be coming, I literally get sick to my stomach. I am so afraid of tornadoes and really rough weather. I feel very out of control and find myself glued to the weather reports. I really, really need to learn to give this up to the Lord. And I need to remember that no matter how much I worry, it always turns out fine. Why can't I just relax and not worry about it? And it's an awful example for Noah. He doesn't see it or say anything, but he could notice...and I don't want to pass that fear on to him. Please pray for me that I would let the fear go. Thank you. :)

I added Robyn Weatherspoon's blog to my blog list tonight. She is such an inspiration, loves her family and the Lord, and has some mega talent. :) Go visit her blog! ~~~>

I better go to bed. Goodnight!

- Jennifer

"...What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee (Psalm 56:3). Every fear is distrust, and trust is the remedy for fear." - A. B. Simpson


meg said...

sending lots of good thoughts your way on the upcoming weather. i remember living in midland, tx and spending some time in the bathroom waiting for tornadoes to pass. hated that and still do now that we are in missouri. we've had a few close calls, but have been lucky so far. i too hate them and feel sick until it is over.


Kim said...

I have a foot spa and I LOVE IT! I understand your fears when it comes to the weather. We had some nasty weather on Christmas morning. Hopefully it will "fizzle" out (as our meteorologist says). Have a great Friday.

Jana said...

Let us know how you like your foot spa thingy. I've been wanting one of those for a while but just wasn't sure about them. Don't worry about this weather today, so far so good and I really don't think it's going to get all that rough. Just relax and continue enjoying your holidays!!

Cathy said...

"...What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee (Psalm 56:3). Every fear is distrust, and trust is the remedy for fear." - A. B. Simpson

Jennifer, I love your use of reassuring and encouraging quotes.

Kris said...


Oddly, I look forward to storms! Must be from growing up in Wisconsin, where blizzards were fun (they meant a snowday usually) and summer storms were powerful. That tornado that went through Cedar Park years ago? Saw it. I was (one of) the idiots out in the cul-de-sac staring at it. These storms are such a great example of the Lord's power and control over His creation.

Fear not, He is with you always.

Regarding Christmas gifts: I did NOT get the Barry Manilow CD I wanted (probably cuz hubby knew I'd just get it anyway!). Closest to a geeky embarrassing gift might only be the book on knitting socks that I really wanted. Not a geeky Christmas for me this year. I do love a gift that you open up and just hug cuz you wanted it so badly!

Stay strong....

Shaunte Wadley said...

I know I should say something profound about your weather situation, but I can't get past "The Golden Girls." *sigh* Jen, oh Jen....the antics of Blanche and the gang? Seriously? But them you redeemed yourself with "Laverne and Shirley" Carry on.

jenny said...

Ah...the Golden Girls. My mom LOVES that show. (Okay...I um, may have watched it with her a time or two.)

Most embarrassing gift? Can't say I rec'd one, but I did secretly buy the Barry Manilow Christmas CD & love it!

Keeping you & your family in my thoughts & praying for a mild storm. When I first read your post, I thought, "Who doesn't love a good snowstorm?" but then I saw the word Tornado -- yikes!

Take care & have a great New Year!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

hmmm... i didn't really get anything embarrasing. but i did get a nice velour set- jacket and pants. they fit perfect- but my dad made some weird comment about them, and i don't care. lol your gifts are great! love all those old shows. i hate when they call for tornadoes too. makes me NERVOUS!
and this year i teach in a portable. blech! :)

karen lopez said...

Huge Barry fan here! I will not hide that at all. Saw him in concert and he's wonderful!

Hope you all are OK and the storm wasn't that bad. Prayers are with you Jennifer. :)

Heather said...

I LOVE to watch sitcoms when I'm playing in my studio! Seriously! LOVE it! I think it's better than my iPod sometimes!

SO glad you guys weren't affected by that crazy storm - talk about wild Texas weather! We even got a but up here!