Thursday, January 04, 2007


Hi :)

Well, I'm a little sad tonight. I'll be sad for just a bit then I'll get over it.
There are SO many bigger issues in life, though.

I tried out and didn't make the new WeR Memory Keepers design team for 2007.
I'm mostly sad because I won't be on the team with some really amazing women from last year.
Women who are now my friends.
Of course we can still email each other, but I'll just miss being on the team with them.
And freaking out over deadlines.
And loving the new products together.
I'll just miss it.

I still get some of the benefits of design team members, which is nice.
(especially since 3 of my Home classes use WRMK products and I just love them!)

Like I said....there are so many bigger issues in life and I have a lot to be thankful for.
And there are great things to come.
I'm just sad for a night. :)

If you watch HSN (Home Shopping Network) tonight and tomorrow, WRMK is on there selling a lot of their products and the Crop a Dile. (GREAT value, by the way) I made a ribbon box for the segment and they just showed it. I was loading the dishwasher and saw it and yelled, "there's my ribbon box!" haha :) little thing to happen tonight that made me smile. (Watch whenever they have the purple Crop a Dile selling and you may see the ribbon box again.)

I'll be creating and posting my February "Scrapbook Your Home" class this weekend, so that will be fun.
The project will be a Romance/Love theme and will use lots of deep reds, black, cream, and a touch of pink.
I love Valentine's Day colors. I'll post a photo of the project when I'm done.
(and then you can call and sign up for the class!) :D

Above is a Valentine card I made last year using WRMK paper and some fabric and lace.
Just thought I'd post it to go along with this entry. :)

Have a good Friday!

"Faith is often strengthened right at the place of disappointment." - Rodney McBride


karen lopez said...

I'm sorry you are sad, Jennifer. You are a very talented girl and have lots of new things beginning for yourself in 2007. It's just the beginning. Big HUGS! :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Hang in there Jennifer... I totally know what you are going through from past situations. Keep smiling!

I just saw your ribbon box and it looked incredible! I didn't catch the beginning of Andrew's Segment...but HOLY COW...thats a great deal!

Anonymous said...

WRMK lost a great designer by not keeping YOU! Now you will have time to do more exciting things! Keep your chin up! You are one of my most talented friends and I look forward to seeing your designs!

robynw said...

Oh, Jennifer! I'm so sorry that you are down, but I totally understand cause I'm feeling a little blue myself! You are totally fabulous and I'm so glad our paths have crossed! Hey, everything happens for a reason and remember this; your setback is just a setup for a comeback! Hugs!

PROLIX from la Normandie said...

I hope you'll get better soon!
giant hugs to you!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Kris said...

Be sad for the evening. Hugs!

Your time is being freed up for something else He has been getting ready for you to do for Him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get chosen, Jenny. I would have chosen you if I was in charge! I love you.

MoniqueS said...

That is too bad. You were the reason why I bought WRMK products. I stumbled onto this blog by clicking links and stayed because I also enjoy scrapbooking and decorating.

Anyway, I hadn't paid much attention to WRMK until then.

I am sure that you will be asked to join another DT soon. Much success with your classes.

Carla said...

Jen -- Oh, I can't believe WRMK didn't keep you on! You are most definitely entitled to a little self-pity...and I know you will also get your chin back up and move on to other things. How EXCITING that your project was on HSN! I so know what you mean, because I recently had a project on QVC and it took me completely by surprise! Looking forward to seeing more of your home projects!

Cupcake said...

I'm sorry about WRMK. But as others have said something bigger and better is in store for you! I can't wait to see your February class project.
HUGS! Now eat chocolate and be happy :-)

Scrappersher said...

Sorry you didn't make the team this year but I always say that everything happens for a reason..when one door closes, the another one opens. Maybe you didn't make the team so that your time is freed up to do something else this year. No one likes rejection....hope you feel better soon.

Trinka said...

Jennifer so sorry your are sad :( I love your work and would love to come to some of your classes sometime if I wasn't so scared to drive to Austin. You do great work and maybe there is a bigger and better plan for you. Hugs!

Kim said...

Sorry about the WeRMemory Keepers. You are destined for bigger things in 2007!

I took your advice and ordered the Crop a Dile today on HSN. I didn't see a ribbon box but I saw ribbons on a flower/spool. Was that yours?

Danielle Holsapple said...

(((HUGS))) Keep your chin up! You are amazing!!

Jlyne Hanback said...

Jen, I am so sorry! Please keep your chin up! Like another said, doors close sometimes so that new ones can open up, and perhaps this is the way to show you that something even more exciting is coming your way! You are so talented; I truly believe there is something BIGGER! You will see! Hang in there! You are an inspiration to everyone, girl! Love ya!


Cari said...

Hey Jen! I feel exactly the same way my friend!
I'll miss it terribly but life is so much bigger than that and I know that the Lord has plans for me. I trust Him for that.
I'll miss working with you too! Let's make sure to keep in touch though, ok?
Looking forward to seeing your class project. Sounds wonderful already! ;)

Jen said...

That is too funny. I saw that ribbon box and I bought the crop a dile. My husband and i usually watch 'everybody loves raymond' when we go to bed but i was flipping through the channels and saw the crop a dile. i hate punching eyelets so i thought it would be a cool tool to have.i wish hte would have shown the box up close so we could have seen it better but, from the work of your i've seen, i'm sure it was beautiful.

Dee said...

So sorry to hear about the DT. I know how that feels and how hard it can be. I remember one year with MMM I really felt like I had a shot and was so disappointed when I didn't even make runner up. You are so talented and do such great work. I know God must have many other awesome things in store for you.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

dude! you so deserved to stay. :( look at all the shoulders you had here to lay on... lol. cool! we love ya! :) can't wait to see what happens next... i remember just a year ago it was Wendi Speciale- things have changed... time goes so fast!