Monday, January 15, 2007



This is what we're looking forward to for the next week here in Austin.
Very unusual...but kind of fun. :)
We are stocked up on soup and hot chocolate and basically stuck in the house for a few days because of the ice.
Noah is REALLY hoping to make a snowman...but I don't know if that will happen.
Poor southern kid. :) They are saying that Tuesday will be a snow day, so we'll see!

I have a ton of supplies on the way to me so I can assemble my class kits for my trip to Massachusetts.
I am getting so excited. Can't wait to travel and share these classes!

Santa put this in my stocking and I got to watch some of it today. It is so much fun! Has some "The Making Of..." video footage and also interviews some of them now. I forgot I had a crush on Andrew McCarthy. :)

And here's a flashback from 1978. Oh how I loved Shaun Cassidy. Wore out the 8-tracks. :) I had a huge poster of his face on my bedroom wall. So it was scary when I found this video and could still sing it... :)


Stay warm and safe if it's cold where you live. Blessings!

- Jennifer

"If you can't pray a door open, don't pry it open."
- Lyell Rader


milkcan said...

Right at Home Scrapbooking is my lss! Of course, I live in NYC, so I only get to go when I'm visiting my Mom, but they're so cool! Have fun!

Jane said...

Brrr, is right! Pretty in Pink....I had totally forgotten about that movie and the fact that I had a crush on AC too! What a blast from the past!

Kerry said...

Miss Jen, it's colder in TX than here in NY!
I was actually an Andy Gibb fan.....Love is.... higher than a mountain, love is..... thicker than water....

Cupcake said...

OMG Jennifer - I LOVED Shaun Cassidy (Dah Du Run Run)and yes I remember this song. TOO DANG FUNNY. Come one you gotta come and play the 80's question of the day on my blog!!!
We are snowed in too but we are supposed to be snowed in :-)
Have a great week girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I LOVE Shaun and was going to marry him someday! I had pages of his pictures from Tiger Beat all over my wall. (sigh) It's a balmy minus 7 wind chill in Wichita right now. I'm just grateful the kids don't have school today and I don't have to go outside!


Heather said...

I bet we had that exact same poster on our walls too! Oh the crush I had on him...LOL! And man that weather is cold for you all! I hope it's like that when I come...I really hate warm weather! :) So can't wait to visit with you! ;)

Toni said...

OMG! That Shaun Cassidy video was AWESOME! I was so in love with that boy!!!

forestsister said...

brilliant flashback!!! and shaun cassidy...forgot about those hips! ha ha.

Kristy said...

OK, random question here.... I recently met a new friend through our blogs and we wanted to start a Happy Mail exchange to get to know each other a little better and to share creative inspiration (hand-made stuff or store bought). Any tips on how to make this work? Have you heard of others doing this?

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

i so need that movie!tee heee...
oh i'll have to come back and check out the video. lol
i was still such a baby... but i'll probably remember it once i see it. :)

karen lopez said...

We are almost as cold as you are here in Phoenix! I am ready for warmer weather. My aunt's flight was cancelled today becaue the planes were all iced up in Dallas. Stay warm, Jennifer! :)

meg said...

love that movie. need to get it on dvd for myself. great video. i was a baby then, but i have always loved shaun. i will gladly take your 30's over the below 0 we have right now in mid missouri. so cold and ready for warmer weather. making lots of soup the next several days.

Kara said...

oh my HECK!! can you believe this weather?? at least you get lots of family time!! i have been enjoying mine since chris and i are both stuck at home!! :D
have fun in MA! i didn't realize that you were going so soon!! i wanna see what you are making ;)
talk soon!

Elaine said...

Thanks for the Shaun Cassidy flashback!! Loved it...don't want to think how many years have passed since his poster was up on my wall too!!

I hope you enjoy the hibernation!! It is one of my favorite things about winter in my corner of the world (Manitoba, Canada).

Have a good night!