Friday, January 12, 2007


Getting ready for the colder weather!

I know...
down here in Texas it doesn't get THAT cold, but 20-40 degrees is cold here.
And it's going to be icy for two days.
That is a big deal in Austin.
I will be laughable when I'm in Massachusetts in a few weeks.
I still need to buy a coat.
So... I'm off to the grocery store tonight to stock up on soup ingredients. :)
Going to make chili, corn and potato chowder, and shrimp gumbo
to have over the next few days. Yum!

I am so excited that my sweet friend Heather Preckel is coming here!
She's going to be teaching some classes at our LSS, then I'm kidnapping her
Saturday evening and she's spending the night at my house.
If anyone in Austin wants to join us for dinner (Feb.10th), let me know.
(chicks only!)

If you click on the Travel Classes link on the right, you can see photos of my class projects.
I just put that on here recently.

Oh, and isn't that apron adorable? I got that at Central Market on the Christmas clearance shelf, although I don't think it's only for Christmas. It has dishes and hot chocolate mugs that go with it! There's wide brown ric-rack on the top of the pocket, too. Totally cute. :) I love red, cream, and brown together. It's made by Tag Ltd.

Stay warm!
- Jennifer

"God created us to have needs, not counting them as sinful or selfish. Without them, we'd have no way of knowing our need for God or how much He loves us." - Anonymous


Heather said...

Love the new banner! I so can't wait to come and visit you...just So excited! And looks like you will be making it to Boston before me as I had to reschedule...a little overwhelmed right now! Have fun finding a winter coat! Too funny! Have a great weekend!

Jana said...

Don't be surprised if I come join you girls for dinner on the 10th!!! I would love it.

Scrappersher said...

Wish I was in TX to join ya'll for dinner. 20-40 degrees sounds great to me....I am in southern Florida and I LOVE when we get cold fronts. Being from the NE originally.....I miss the cold and the snow. Crazy I know, but I miss it.

Jlyne Hanback said...

Say hello to Heather for me! Love that girl - she is such a sweetheart!

Be careful in this weather! This seems to be when all the novice drivers like to get out and prove to everybody that they DON'T know how to drive in wintry weather! It is icing over here in Dallas - UGH! I don't like cold weather. We finally broke down and bought very warm coats a month or so ago, and boy am I glad we did. LOL! Stay warm!

Jana said...

Ok, I just HAD to comment again since you now have Duran Duran on you blog....WAY cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kara said...

uuhhh....i am a CHICK!! :D and right before i start back for my conventions!!

:D let me know girl!!