Monday, October 23, 2006


Just some random things for today that make me happy or that I want to share. :)

A new issue of Everyday Food in the mail. (Thanksgiving issue) This is actually my last issue and I don't think I'll be renewing. It's been a good magazine, but I've only made a few of the recipes and wasn't thrilled with many of them. I was surprised!

Our digital cable connection has STUNK for the past few months. Lots of channels didn't come in at all, including Food Network! The cable guy came today, changed some settings, and now all of the channels work perfectly. Yay!

I added permanent photos of my scrapbooking space to my right-side toolbar.
You can see them over there. ~~~>

I got a pair of red Crocs. I LOVE them!

I am almost finished with Christmas shopping, with the exception of about 5 people. Such a relief to get things done early and to spread out the spending. I started about two months ago.
We are drawing names for family gifts this Sunday. The adults all draw names and then all of the kids get gifts from everyone. Makes it fun!

Speaking of the kids....our gift the last two years to all of the grandkids/cousins has been a pair of Christmas pajama pants for Christmas Eve and some books. (this year we got these in Classic Red for all of the kids) I ordered almost all of the books this year from Noah's school book orders. I was able to get lots of books for some really GREAT prices.

At the Scrapbook Expo on Saturday, I bought the new Basic Grey "Fruitcake" collection of papers. They are double-sided and SO pretty. (click on the photo to see it larger)

Did you know that Thanksgiving is 4 weeks from this Thursday? :)

We watched TLC's new reality series The Monastery last night. It was pretty good! Wow, one of those guys on there is so irreverent and rude. He wasn't raised with any religious background at all, but still...he's just disrespectful to an annoying degree!

My sweet Mom is having a Halloween carnival on Sunday for all of her grandkids. :)
She is setting up her backyard with carnival games (cupcake walk, egg the skeleton, apple bobbing, etc.) and the kids will all play in costume for candy and prizes. They are all so excited!
My Mom has the best ideas. :)

We'll do trick or treating all together on Halloween night in our neighborhood. Almost every house on my mom's street is decorated and there are tons of kids. It's a lot of fun!

My first "Scrapbook Your Home" class is coming up. Can't wait for that!
You can call the store to sign up. I'll also have extra kits for sale. Stay tuned.

And last.... It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! is on TV this Friday night. Don't miss it! :)

Don't get a rock! :)
- Jennifer

"Give me a stout heart to bear my own burdens. Give me a willing heart to bear the burdens of others. Give me a believing heart to cast all burdens upon Thee, O Lord." - John Baillie


Shanna C said...

Girl, I'm reading your post from the other day and **BANG** the blog updated and I lost my place. Kara sounds like a lot of fun - she's in my scavenger hunt CJ group on Willow Traders, so I'm looking forward to seeing her work.

The Halloween Charlie Brown special is a classic I never tire of...and I'm old enough that I saw it the FIRST time it was aired!

I enjoy reading your blog; have even gone back through the archives!

Kara said...

ooohhh...i can't wait to hear all about your party this weekend!! ;) be sure to have some fun yourself.

can't wait til class.
would you like a wine glass or a beer mug with a hole?? ;)

Heather said...

We went out and got most of the Charlie Brown specials on DVD . . . I hate the commercial thing.

Almost done Christmas shopping? I haven't even started! The scholastic books . . . that's the good thing about homeschooling Alaina. I get the great deals and get to keep the "points".

Carnival . . .we do them for Alaina's birthday. Have already gotten the request to do another one next October. They're so much fun!

Benita said...

It's about time you jumped on the Croc bandwagon, girl :) I now own 10 pairs of Crocs & just love them all :)

Just got the newest issue of Scrapbooks Etc. & saw your layout.....sooo awesome! Congrats :)


Jana said...

Your mom is having a carnival for her grandkids?? Now I know where you get your creativity!!! My mom would NEVER think of something like that! Don't you LOVE your Crocs, I have 4 pr. now but no red yet even though that's my fave color.