Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Tonight for dinner I made Barefoot Contessa's individual meat loaves.
They are SO good. (look in my October '05 archives for the recipe)
Noah does not like meatloaf, not even these.
So I always make his favorite frozen yeast rolls when I make meatloaves so he can make meatloaf sandwiches.
He's eating and says, "Mommy, this is good!" I said, "thank you, Noah, I'm glad you like it!"
He says, "yeah, I can BARELY taste the meatloaf!"
Was that a compliment? I don't know. :D

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" is on TV Friday night.
I absolutely love this show. :)

I found it...the whole thing....on You Tube.


- Jennifer :)

"I love that word "encourage" – when you do it, you literally put "courage in" to that person. Someone who may be more battered than you know, closer to going down or giving up than you could imagine. You never know when your encouragement might literally be the difference in that person's life. When you're bruised and hurting, it's that person in your corner who can get you back in the ring for another round." - Ron Hutchcraft


Kara said...

ugh!! i made the girls watch charlie brown last night!! :D we had so much fun though!

yum. those meatloaves sound divine!

sarahbe said...

mmmmm I love Ina Garten's recipes, she is AWESOME!! The great pumpkin it totally one of my faves!!