Saturday, October 21, 2006


Went to the Scrapbook Expo today for a few hours.
Saw lots of familiar faces, which was fun. Met some new people.
And got to hang out with Kara. :)
She is a much fun.
We totally laughed at some of the shaped eyelets together.
(sorry, but beer mugs? wine glasses? frankenstein heads?)
And watched Sandi Genovese sign autographs.
Definitely a tear-jerker moment.

Kara, dude, next time tell me if my hair is completely windblown when we take a picture! :D

I bought the new Basic Grey Fruitcake collection, some SEI buttons, some DD chipboard shapes, and a rockin' cool scrapbooking T-shirt. I wanted them all, but...oh well. Here is the one I got:

I got to meet the ladies of The Scrap Boutique in West Monroe, LA. Very nice bunch!
You can order your own T-shirt or see the other styles there. They are soft and vintage and
not the big men's cut. They aren't baby doll, but are cut for women, so they aren't so wide on the sides and sleeves. LOVE THEM! I'm wearing it tonight to a Halloween party. :) I guess I'll go as a scrapbooker, LOL.

Gotta go! Have an awesome weekend. :)
- Jennifer

(for me and Kara today...)

"I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean." - Gilbert Keith G. K. Chesterton


Melanie said...

Love the pics! I so wish I could have been there - but I was at the LSS teaching a mini-book class. Gotta keep the store going while the owners are away, huh. Glad you found the shirts! If you ever come to town - be sure to stop by!

Nat said...

Love the Shirt and I was sooo cracking up about your remark"I guess I'll go as a scrapbooker" - how funny!

Jana said...

Great pic of you & Kara.....I was definitely there in spirit!! Glad you girls had fun together and I will definitely be there next time. I would've been giggling at those shaped eyelets too and what's even funnier is that I've bought my fair share of them in the past! Oy!

Kara said...

awww!! you look cute and i look...ugh, well lets not go there!
YEA!! love the shirts, i am wearning mine in the pic!!

had fun!! we will have to get together again soon!! :D

Jennifer said...

I was thinking of you guys this weekend! It always makes me sad when I know I could have been hanging out with Kara... :0( I would have loved to have et you in person too! Next time!