Thursday, August 31, 2006


I went ahead and changed my banner today.
(this is a photo of our mantel)
I was planning on September 1st, but couldn't wait!
I can't wait for Fall. I'm planning on getting my decorations out this weekend.
I'll also be redoing my half-bath in a Fall theme.
Will show pictures when I'm finished!

Ok, since putting the commercial on here the other day, I've been having lots of fun looking for other videos.
I was watching a bunch of retro commercials, stuff from the 70's and 80's.
You can actually buy a DVD set of nothing but retromercials!
While looking at vintage videos, I found some old Donny and Marie stuff, too.
I've had a crush on Donny Osmond since I was 7, haha. (but you probably knew that)
So, without further comment, here is a Donny clip for you, from the era
where I would have cried just seeing him on the TV. (LOL)

This is a clip of him on the Tom Jones show. haha!

I'm working on a series of classes to teach at my LSS!
I'll have more details soon,
but it will be a class every other month. Can't wait!

Yesterday I made some banana bread and it made the house smell so good.
We had some with breakfast this morning and it was yummy.
I didn't want to share the recipe until I could review it, ha, so here
is the recipe link:
* Extreme Banana Nut Bread *
(I left out the walnuts, but sprinkled sliced almonds on top)

Gotta go work on some things. Have a beautiful day!
- Jennifer

(I love this quote!)
"Nothing so hinders us in what we are doing as to be longing after something else; in so doing, we leave off tilling our own field, to drive the plough through our neighbour's land, where we must not look to reap a harvest; and this is mere waste of time. If our thoughts and hopes are elsewhere, it is impossible for us to set our faces steadily towards the work required of us." - Francis de Sales


courtney gregory said...

A class every other month! I'll be anxiously awaiting to see what you've got planned! :)


Kim said...

I made banana bread yesteray too! It does make the house smell wonderful and goes well with my morning coffee. I am ready for fall too. Time to bring out the fall scented candles.

Heather D. White said...

LOL! So funny about your Donny crush. When Chas worked for the LDS Church up until last year, he fixed Donny's palm pilot a few times and even showed him how to use one of them when he had purchased a new one. Kinda funny. I also used to babysit almost every day for Donny's brother Jay. So technically....I know Donny. ROFL. Kidding. Want ME to sign something for you? It's like having DONNY'S siggy by proxy. LOL! HEY....P.S. THANK YOU for changing your blog background. I haven't been able to read it in a while with the really hurt my eyes. And I LOVE YOUR BANNER!! That was your banner when I first stumbled on your blog! LOVE IT!

karen lopez said...

Your mantel is beautiful Jennifer! I will have to try that recipe. Thanks! :)

Sheila Doherty said...

Love the fall look!

Hanni said...

i love that you have your fall decorations up already! i have been itching to put mine up, but i was determined to wait until after labor day. :) your mantle looks gorgeous!!!

Kara said...

Ohhh...classes with Jen!! I can't WAIT!! :D i was up at the LSS ;) today, talking, dropping things off, we could totally switch classes!! LOL!

kellidarr said...

Your mantle is beautiful! Makes me want fall to get here, soon:)
and I love your quote!

Amanda Barras :) said...

I was so excited to hear from Ann K that you were going to be teaching again at SC!! Can't wait to see ya again Chick!


Jennifer said...

The bread sounds incredibly yummy!!

have fun getting ready for fall. I adore fall too, but I have no idea where my fall stuff is right now... LOL

Is Noah liking school better now?

Jana said...

I am SOOOO ready for fall too, have been talking about this on my blog as well. I don't have my fall decor up yet though...maybe if I pull it out the cooler temps will finally arrive here in SA maybe?? A girl can dream anyway!