Friday, September 01, 2006


Oh...and a little clarification. That photo of my mantel is from LAST YEAR.
I have not gotten all of my decorations up yet.

Scrapbook Your Home.
This is the name of the new class series that I'll be teaching
at Scrapbook Crossing!

Every other month we'll be making a home decor project
using scrapbooking supplies. (or you could give it as a gift)
My caddies, altered home frame, acrylic menu holder...
all inspirations for this class idea.
I think it will be tons of fun.
The first class will be Saturday, December 2nd.
I'll share photos of projects as we go along. :)

Tomorrow (Saturday) is
Texas Longhorn football, fajitas, Whole Foods
beef hot dogs, apple pie with cinnamon ice cream,
Real Ale, and lots of cheering for the Horns!

We went to the 80,000 sf Whole Foods market tonight
to eat dinner and buy a few groceries for Saturday.
LOVE to go there. I took my camera and was asked to put it away.
I was quite *put out.* I was thinking, "I want those cool *look what we did* shots
like Ali Edwards gets!" :) Ah well...I got a few, though! (see above and below)

(I love how the sign on the wall says "Homegrown in Austin" and Noah
is standing next to it on the escalator) :)

Have a blessed weekend!
- Jennifer

"Maturity doesn't come with age;
it comes with acceptance of responsibility." - Ed Cole


Chiara said...

how mean no pictures. Alot of places do that though. Looks like you had fun and sounds like a fun class

Corinnexxx said...

sounds like a wonderful class! and I like the blurry pics!


Kimber McGray said...

what fun!
that food looks delish.
glad you didn't have to go to the pookey by taking those pictures! ;)

have a great one!!!

Scrappersher said...

Great photos!!! I agree about Ali's photos....she captures lots of great stuff. I need to carry my camera around with me more often to take the everyday shots instead of just the in house or holiday ones.

Scrappersher said...

Just re-read your awful that they told you to put your camera away!! How are you hurting them by taking a picture or two????

andie said...

hook 'em!!!!

RN4JCHRIST said...

Cool photos Jen!! Too funny that you got "busted"!LOL You menu sound delish!!! and of course hook 'em horns!! =) ~Dawn

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived closer to take your class. It sounds interesting!

~~~Drama Queen's Mom~~~ said...

You are the second one I have read this week that wat told to put their camera up! Why don't they allow pics? Marshall Fields is the same way???

Love the new look of the blog. Much eaiser on the ol'eyes :o)

Look forward to seeing your home projects. I live in the boonies and hardly ever get to take a class since I have to travel an hour and a half to get to lss.

Nikki said...

I hate that some places are like that about the pictures. But I do like the shots that you got...the blurriness is very cool!!


StaceyKingman said...

Your banner isn't there...

Oh, and, um...gig'em. :)

Kim said...

The nerve of people asking you to put your camera away. LOL. Obviously they are not scrapbookers! Very cool pictures that you did take. Looks like fun place.

Heather said...

ROFL .. . I almost posted on your 8/31 post asking if that was last year's photo of the mantel. How stupid is that, that I actually remember that!?!?!?!

I'm waiting for the new Super T to open and I'm going to go and take pics there. My SIL is one of the managers, I figure she'll let me! {vbg}

Lamech said...

No problem. We just need to get a tiny super-secret spy camera is all. Just please do not get us banned from Whole Foods, mm-kay?

Jennifer said...

that class sounds so fun!!! I'll be there :-)