Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make Something Monday: Stitches and Words

Sometimes it's hard to find just the right embellishment for a page or project. I love stitching and I love single words, so creating my own little page accents is super simple.

Stitching: Embroidery floss is so cheap and comes in literally hundreds of colors. Just grab your favorite color and a needle. Find where you want your embellishment to be on your page. Using the needle, poke holes thru the background paper in an evenly-spaced pattern in whatever shape you desire. Pictured here is a heart, but the possibilities are endless. You could even use a chipboard shape as a template. Or how about poking your stitching holes around some big chipboard alphabet letters? You could make a stitched title right on your page. So...thread your floss (I use all 6 strands so it's thick) and coming up from the back of the page, stitch back and forth thru the poked holes. Cut thread and tie off into a knot on the back when you are finished. And there you go...stitched embellishment in your choice of color, size, and placement!

Words: Little words placed on a photo or inside of an embellishment are nice little accents to a page. You can make your own by simply finding a font you like, typing up a page of words you want, and printing the page on heavy cardstock. (I love this site for new fonts) Cut the words apart and they are ready to use. I like to put the little words in jars for storage so I can see them....and it looks cute. :) Try using a theme for your words - Halloween, baby, love, family, etc. I'll get you started with a page of School words here. Just print and cut apart! Note: In Word (doc) format you have to have the fonts installed on your computer for them to print correctly, therefore I saved this in PDF format so the fonts would show up when you print them.

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Terri/Grand Prairie,TX said...

Thanks Jennifer! I just printed out the school words. What a great idea : )