Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Good morning!

I'm working today on some fresh new soldered pendants for my vendor booth this summer. Some will have bling, some with silver rope edging, some with beads/charms. I especially like the "Thy name to praise" one, as the words were cut right out of a very old hymnal.

They are fun to create. :)

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise." ~Johann von Goethe


Roberta said...

So pretty...I love these charms dangling from my key chain and my zipper on my wallet, where I can read them almost daily...and since they can get a big heavy as necklaces, etc. (especially in the hot summer weather :) Love the pink and the bling!

Megan B said...

These are so pretty Jennifer! I am excited to hear all about your retreat soon...was wanting to sign up to go, but won't be able to afterall.

Sara said...

Just lovely. Like Roberta who commented above, I like to hang these on things other than my neck as I am not a necklace wearer. One of my favorite places to hang charms like this is on the door handle of my kitchen cabinets. Something sweet to read every time I open the cabinet.

2 Worlds said...

Jennifer these are gorgeous.I did some soldering my problem is to attach the jump ring have to practice more

Candy said...

Lovely creations...and thanks for the encouraging words on the YAHOO group. I keep telling myself "I can do all things through Him."
Looking forward to meeting.
Blessings ;-)