Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Happy Summer :)

Things I'm loving right now....

1. The smell of chlorine after the pool. Noah is taking swim lessons right now, learning all of the strokes and is becoming quite a beautiful swimmer. Love seeing him go! Chlorine just smells like summer and fun.

2. Huge assortment of fresh fruit and berries in season. There's nothing better in the morning than a huge handful of fresh blueberries over a bowl of cereal.

3. A relaxed schedule. With Noah out of school right now and me not having a big line up of classes, it's been so nice to actually wonder "what will we do today?"

4. Michael Jackson music. I've always loved it and have lots of it on my Ipod already. ("Remember the Time" played several times at Inspired) :D I think my favorite MJ songs are Human Nature, Black or White, Remember the Time, and You Are Not Alone. But really....I love them all.

5. Bigelow Lemon Cream Body Wash. Goodness, I got this on clearance at Bath and Body Works and it is wonderful. Lemon anything is a favorite of mine - candles, desserts, lotions.

6. Arrested Development, Seasons 1-3. David and I watch several episodes every night and think it's one of the funniest shows ever. We didn't watch it when it was on TV, so it's fun to get to watch as many episodes as we like in a row. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are hysterical. Highly recommended viewing!

7. Making Memories' n
ew Vintage Findings line. Seriously gorgeous. Can't wait to use some of it! It's available at Michael's.

What are you enjoying lately?

I hope to see some of you Saturday in Waco!


Jen said...

I'm enjoying getting ready for a week long trip with my husband and our daughter. We are all looking forward to getting away and just relaxing!

I love Arrest Development! I watched it while it was on then I bought all 3 seasons on DVD. Seriously one of the best shows ever.

Teresa said...

I saw the new Making Memories' new Vintage Findings line @ Michaels. About had a heart attack. Finally, something for those of us with old souls, LOL.

maggie said...

i love that c. bigelow stuff too! love the lotion. and i agree about the pool and chlorine, summer all the way!

Anonymous said...

just dropping in to say hello. looks like your summer is full and fun! hope you are well.

Ginny said...

Jennifer, I miss you. I always check your blog for inspiration & a few good recipes. Guess you are just too busy enjoying the heat in TX. Have a great rest of the summer.