Friday, May 22, 2009


Happy Friday!

Today was our official first day of summer vacation. Noah and I went out for sandwiches then went swimming. I love this time of year except for the intense heat. (which is why we'll be swimming mostly in the mornings) What are you doing this long holiday weekend?

I browsed Flickr this afternoon and found some photos I love. Just a random mix, none taken by me...just admired. :)

I think I'll try to make some Strawberry Soda Ice Cream before Monday. So good.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Credits:
1. Spring Road (Phillipsburg Church Road), 2. 259/365 - Latte Love, 3. hankies on the laundry line, 4. Tarnished Silver Spoons, 5. Sushi!, 6. Cool Manni, 7. happy cakes, 8. Freshly Picked, 9. HU030977


Chiara said...

no plans here and we have another month of school but I am really ready for summer.

Casii said...

We have a graduation next week, but the youngest still has 2 1/2 more weeks of school. I'm ready to sleep in late a day or two though.

Jealous of those who get out so early!