Thursday, September 04, 2008



If you ordered an Etsy kit from me, it's on the way to you. I got them all shipped today! I still have a few more of the Vintage Haunted House kits if you'd like one. (click on Etsy link to the right) :)

I added a huge pink peony to my Amy Butler scrap tote today. This tote is great. It's huge and has a flat bottom so you can bring lots of little items with you to a crop or in the car. Isn't it pretty?

I'm on my way to run a couple of errands, but wanted to post a recipe. Tonight we're having our favorite beef enchiladas. I found this recipe online several years ago and we love it. Homemade but oh so easy...

Matthew Xavier Mora's Enchilada Recipe

Have a wonderful Thursday!


hollyrenee said...

okay, so i want one of those pendants BUT would you put something in the window that's personalized :-) just thought i'd ask...i think they are darling! and you know me...flashy and trashy is what i'm ALL ABOUT when it comes to my necklaces! ha, ha! love ya, girlie!

happydays525 said...

Mmmmm thanks for the recipe, love the tote too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Joy said...

I have had my AB tote for a couple of months now and I really love it. I remember being skeptical with it not being "tall" that it would work for all the things I usually need a tote like this for. I LOVE IT. I've used it both for scrap supplies and knitting stuff, and right now it's corralling some homeschooling supplies...and doing it beautifully, he he he.

Suzanne Webb said...

Your blog is just lovely, I love the vintage feel you gave it, and I visited your etsy shop too, some goodness in there too :)
Have a great night,

Sudie said...

hmm. another very yummy recipe to try. thanks. ;)
I love my Amy Butler bag too. I could not resist the urge to personalize mine with lots of vintage trim. Your peony is beautiful. a perfect touch