Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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This post is completely dedicated to The Office. If you love it, you'll love this post. If not...are you nuts? :)

The Office Season 4 was released last week. I dug and found some of the bloopers and deleted scenes from season 4 on You Tube. Hope these don't disappear, but until then....enjoy!

Deleted Scenes from the episode "Chair M0del"

Deleted Scenes (pt.1) from the episode "Fun Run"

Deleted Scenes (pt.2) from the episode "Fun Run"

Deleted scenes from the episode "Survivorman"

Season 4 Blooper Reel One:

And more Season 4 bloopers :)

I love this show.


Crafty P said...

oh wow. thanks for this! I cannot wait for the new season to start!!!

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait for the new season to start!

I just saw the bag you have in the last post...I bought that same one just the other day! It matches my scrap room perfectly and I loved that it look like a little purse. Too cute!

Ami said...

Awesome! I heart The Office so much! I cannot wait until the 25th! Thanks for posting the videos! I love your blog!

Lorrie said...

cracking me up!! I love the Office!

Susan said...

I love this post - hilarious! My sister just received Season 4 on DVD and I'm tempted to go steal it just to watch them all over again. I {heart} The Office!!

Radiogirl said...

I watched a couple of them. Funny stuff. Michael hitting Phyllis is crazy.

Isabel said...

I LOVE the Office, and I can't for the new season to come out!
Thank You for posting the deleted scenes, I got a good laugh out of it