Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I love this boy so much.
I can't believe he's a 3rd grader.

I remember a lot about my 3rd grade year.
My teacher was Mrs. Baker. Our classroom door was blue.
I had a crush on Jim, who was in my reading group.
My twin sisters were born.
I began my still existent crush on Donny Osmond.
(and kept a diary about it that my sisters liked to bring out and read to large groups on occasion)
Learning to write in cursive and finally being allowed to write all girly and loopy.

Just lots of really good and vivid memories of that school year.
I hope Noah loves 3rd grade, too. :)

Something I've started doing this year is I print out a new little Calvin and Hobbes cartoon and put it in his lunch box on school mornings. He has loved Calvin and Hobbes for several years and has all of the books, so he thinks this is great! Just something to make him laugh. He said that was better than an "I love you" note. ha :)

I have just a few Vintage Halloween Haunted House kits left. They will be shipping soon!

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm feeling better each day. (just want to quit coughing!)

"Don't pray, then say 'amen' and run away before God has a chance to reply.
Listening to God is far more important than giving Him your ideas." - Frank Laubach


KALDesign said...

I love your blog, so I left you a "I Love Your Blog" award on my blog. Go pick it up and nominate your favorite blogs.

Anna Willett said...

he is a cutie. i think the calvin and hobbes cartoon is a great idea - it does remind him that you love him but won't embarass him in front of "the guys". glad to hear you are feeling better. the lingering cough is always the worst. also, i am glad to know that others were tortured by their siblings.

Sarah*Jane said...

Wow, he looks very grown up. Love your blog!

Noelia said...

What a handsome boy you have! I remember fondly my third grade too. Loved learning how to write cursive!

Lily said...

He's a doll. I have a third grader also. Doesn't it seem like this is the year they lose the baby awkwardness and start to be real kids?

Kelly said...

He might say it's better than an "I love you" note, but it really IS an "I love you" note... just one that doesn't say it with those exact words, you know? :-)

Kelly in Ohio

p.s. My husband's favorite C&H was when Calvin was talking about the school lunch and said it looked like cigarette butts in a gall bladder sauce... and Suzy screamed that it was beany weenies. :-D

Kim said...

Can you believe our boys are in third grade already? Noah and Mark are less than a month apart and I feel like I've "watched" Noah grow up with Mark since we both belong to the scrapbook boards! Hope all is well and you are feeling better.


Terri C/Grand Prairie, TX said...

Wow! 3rd grade.. He looks like he is ready for 3rd grade too. I have a son that is a freshman in college, a daughter entering 11th grade and another son going to middle school 6th grade. Time goes by so fast!!

hollyrenee said...

okay, i'm officially sitting on my couch crying. i CANNOT believe how big this precious boy is! oh my, he's SO grown up...he will be one that when he's older i can say "I CHANGED YOUR DIAPERS! :-)" all this just makes me miss ya'll....so much!