Sunday, August 24, 2008


Nursing fever and body aches today, so not much to blog. Sorry. :)

David picked up lunch for us and got me some Waterloo Mexican Corn Soup. Yum.

We watched Children of Men last night. I fell asleep a few times, mostly due to the Nyquil, lol.
I like movies where I laugh at least ONCE or maybe get a warm fuzzy feeling for a second or two.
Not one in this movie.
It was pretty good considering, but man.... the whole movie is gray in mood, setting, and clothing.
I can see why it was popular, but it's just a little dark.
Again, maybe that was the Nyquil.

Then I had one of those bizarre Nyquil dreams where you feel like you've been half-awake all night.
I swore someone stole everything out of my purse and I woke up, stood up to cancel my debit card, and realized I was on the way to the bathroom. Gotta love Nyquil. :)

Going to lie down and watch The Office on DVD.
Here's some for you.
Michael and Dwight describing their ideal dinner parties. :)


Kim said...

Feel better soon, Jennifer. Hopefully the rest of the family won't catch it.

Andrea Amu said...

Sorry you are feeling badly!
Feel better soon!

Shaunte Wadley said...

I want the new season of the Office to

Stupid Olympics!
(I kid, I kid)

Hope you are feeling better! Love Nyquil...;)

Anna Willett said...

i hope you are feeling better soon. i love the i-don't-care-about-anything-that's-happening feeling that you get when you take nyquil, because really when you are sick it is just best not to care.
the movie looked good. i am like you, though. i want someone to fall in love or a cute puppy to show up. it doesn't look like we will get that with this one.
okay. i love the office. this cracked me up!!
take care!
be brave,

Chris Dodaj said...

Jennifer, feel better soon! Sounds like you need some rest!

That Nyquil does that to me too, so you aren't the only one!

Diane said...

I'm sending prayers up for your speedy recovery.

Jana said...

I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well....hope you're back to 100% soon. Take good care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about your "gray" movie comments. I think the old TV show Mash was all browns. Back then I didn't like hubby didn't understand when I said I hate that show b/c it's just all brown! He's color blind so could care less what colors you saw on the screen. Anyway....hope you feel better soon chicka.
Teresa McFayden