Saturday, August 16, 2008


Thirty one years ago today my twin sisters were born. (aren't they cute?) I remember being in the hospital, waiting to find out if they were boys, girls, or one of each. (I was so glad they were girls!) My mom said that the lady in the next hospital bed was crying really hard. She asked her what was wrong, thinking there was something wrong with her baby. The lady wailed, "Elvis just died!" And it was on the news for the next month every time we turned on the TV. My sisters' claim to fame...they came into the world the day Elvis left. And every year on their birthday you can turn on the TV and see the masses of fans gathered outside of Graceland.
Happy birthday to my sweet sisters, Jessica and Allison. :)

Here they are about 4 years ago. :)
(layout from 2005...sorry about the line down the middle)

And um....I'm only showing the old photo because it's old and shows my baby sisters. And I would totally have liked that guy in the tube socks and gym shorts in the background. I sure look good in my purple/white Izod get up, don't I? I don't think the waist could have been any higher on those shorts.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your family looks very happy-- does your other sister have a name starting with A or J as well? As an aside, I went to a clothing demo/sale several years ago where the demonstrator had us all bend our arms and where ever our elbows touched on our sides was our true waist. Your shorts aren't too high according to her!! xxKaren

Cameron said...

OMG you are so funny! :) What a sweet birthday message for your sisters! I love that 70's photo, sweeeeet. Oh thank goodness lower waistbands are in style now, and I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way! :) (Although of course there is such a thing as too low, I don't go there! :)) Ha ha. Have a great Sunday! :)

Michelle said...

I think you were stylin' and profilin'! I may have some photos of myself like that around somewhere! If I'm lucky they're still buried in my parents basement since I also wore beautemous glasses too! @@

Chiara said...

how funny my baby sister was born in 1977 too.

Kelly Goree said...

oh jen - i so had that exact same outfit when I was a pre-teen. I'm totally going to see if I can find it to share with you so you dont' feel so alone ;) only i had the headband and farrah bangs to match ;)

Happy bday to your sissers :)

Meghan said...

Too funny.

My son shares a bday with your sisters, as well as Madonna & my best friend!
Altho. he's only 2 but every year since he's been born, I hear how Elvis died that day.