Friday, June 13, 2008


Guess I'm a southern girl!
Make yours @

Happy Friday!

The red states on this map indicate all of the states I've visited! The white states are ones I haven't been to yet. Isn't that funny? I guess I'm a true southern girl. And how funny because I love cold weather! You can click on the link and make your own travel map. :)

And here's David Cook on The Tonight Show...singing the Foo Fighters' My Hero. :)

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend!


Carla S. said...

Hi, Jen! I keep lurking on your blog; I guess I should comment!! I did that map thing and found out I still have two states left to visit: Idaho and Alaska! (Of course I counted a visit as everything including setting foot in an airport, LOL.) I think you're due for a trip to NYC! :)

Liane said...

Hey Jen! Come visit me in Oregon. =-)