Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night while watching TV they broke in with the news of the boy scout camp being hit by the tornado in Iowa. My heart sank and all I could think about was how scared those boys must have been and how paralyzed with worry the parents must be. I watched the news coverage until I fell asleep and then woke up to see the interviews with some of the brave scouts. The boys that were at the camp were 13-18 years old, attending leadership training. To see these boys tell of protecting each other, using their first aid skills, and putting themselves second just made me SO proud that Noah is a boy scout.

He just finished his summer scout day camp yesterday and had an absolute blast. It was 100 degrees each day and they were outside (with lots of shade and water) from 8-5. He fished, shot BB guns, did archery (and got a medal for getting a bullseye!), played on water slides, and most of all, built friendships with some of his fellow scouts. This will be Noah's 3rd year as a boy scout and he absolutely loves it. On their latest family campout, we watched as the Webelos (highest rank cub scouts) participated in the campfire ceremony and were promoted to BOY scouts. They picked up their packs and hiked with their new boy scout leaders to the primitive camping the dark, thru the rocky terrain, with the threat of severe thunderstorms all around us. I couldn't help but wonder if any of the moms were worried about them. But you know, after seeing what those scouts went thru last night in Iowa, I really am so thankful that Noah is a scout. One of the boys they interviewed said he was glad the tornado happened at a boy scout camp. The interviewer asked him, "what do you mean?" He said, "we knew EXACTLY what to do. We are all trained in first aid, knew not to panic, and knew how to help each other." And that right there made ME proud that Noah is a part of the Boy Scouts of America. I know I'll have worries in the future, but to know that he's acquiring such important life skills makes it all worth it.

God bless the scouts!

Here is the video clip of the interview from The Today show if you want to see it.


Teresa said...

How proud those parents must be. I can't think of many adults that would be that calm in the same situation. Such a terrible loss...

Anonymous said...

As a mom of a Webelo 2 and a Life Scout about to be Eagle, I too, was so moved by this story. Scouting is an awesome opportunity for boys and I am so thankful mine are both a part of it. I have a 14 year old and it really hit close to home, as he will be leaving for his leadership camp on Monday.
God Bless the Scouts, and all who work with them.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there doll.
it is truly sad. it was a long night in omaha, iowa. we are all safe. i just feel horrible for all the families.
our thoughts and prayers are with each and eveyone of them!!

Anonymous said...

That whole incident has been on my mind all day today. Horrific and so sad. It's on the local news and they break in all the time with updates. I can't even imagine how those parents must have felt. The rescue teams couldn't even get into the camp until 2 hours after the tornado hit, because of all of the storm and lighting. They had to clean a mile path through broken and uprooted trees to get to the boys!
Love what your son said about scouts. So true.
Teresa McFayden

maggiegracecreates said...

I am married to a former boy scout - it saddened us both to see the news. I am first responder trained and the way those boy handled the crisis and the media frenzy that followed - showed maturity and that they are well trained.

Even in tragedy, organized groups such as scouts, demonstrate how our young people need this kind of participation in their life. My girls are not scouts - they are athletes (another group that teaches discipline) - but they both are first aid and cpr certified. Skills you hope they never need to use.

Those boys give us a hope that our youth will be great leaders as adults.

We continue to hold these kids up in our prayers.