Friday, April 04, 2008


Happy Friday! So glad it's the weekend, but also nervous about getting everything done that I need to before next week. I hate scrambling about to get last minute things done, so I want to be ready to go by Monday or Tuesday. (well, except for taking a shower....and packing...)

Thought I'd post just one more peek of some of the door prizes I made for my INSPIRED class. I loved using some really fun quotes for these!

On the agenda this weekend:
1. Go to tailor - get jeans hemmed. (all jeans are too long on me)
2. Nephew's bowling birthday party.
3. Date night with hubby - dinner and see the new movie Leatherheads! (John Krasinski! Movie trailer video below)
4. Get sticky with gel medium and paint. More prizes, hopefully.
5. Church on Sunday.
6. Schedule manicure and pedicure for Tuesday.
7. Purchase tickets to Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert for this summer! (ha, that's what we are doing for our anniversary)
8. Email Donna with 5 more questions to drive her crazy. Maybe send her a few more boxes to make it an even 20.

And here is the movie trailer for Leatherheads. Can't wait. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

"Encouragement is awesome.
It can actually change the course of another person's day, week, or life." - Charles Swindoll


Susan Beth said...

Love the quote! Love the peek! Can't wait to meet you next week at Inspired! (Or at least I hope to get a chance to meet you!)

Paulette said...

I so want to do #7 with you... I LOVE all of those bands!!!!! Thanks for posting on my blog Jennifer,I just finished collecting photos for all of my classes yesterday...a huge job as I'm no Stacy Julian when it comes to having my photos where I can find them LOL !!! Also, your prizes are amazing!!!!Do you think I'll be able to find supplies to make something like that in NC??? See you at Inspired!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Jen, Thanks for all your well wishes on my blog. I am spending the day on the couch working on getting well for next week.

I am lovin' all your sneak peeks for the door prizes! Too bad I never have any luck :o( I will have to cross all my fingers and toes.

One other thing is that I will need to find out when your visiting Right At Home next. I live in MA and go there on occasion.(it's a bit of a drive) I'll have to check out your classes!
See you next week!!!

Anonymous said...


Have a great week and good luck next weekend. Love your sneak peaks. They are so "Inspiring"!

Also, love that quote about Encouragement from Charles Swindoll!!!

Your aol board buddy

Sherry said...

I'm looking forward to taking your class next week at Inspired. Fun to see some of the behind the scene's prep. Thanks for sharing. Sherry

Heather said...

So cute Jenn and I can't wait to see you on SAturday!!! ;)

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I would do number seven, too!!!! Wonder if they are headed to DC?
Love your prizes!!

Ms Dragonfly said...

you're so naughty, poor donna! i've looked through and your work is amazing. wish i could come. have a great time!

zanne said...

Hey Jennifer!

Love the door prizes! Absolutely beautiful. See ya next week.


Heidi said...

Your soldered pieces are just gorgeous! I LOVE them. :) I got a soldering kit for Christmas but I admit that I haven't used it yet because I am SCARED! LOL Your work has inspired me to get it out again and try to conquer my fears. Whoever wins those door prizes is going to be thrilled! :)

Susan said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time this weekend!!! It's going to be like a dream, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Jen, the door prizes are amazing...I want one!!!! LOL
Everything will be great next week. Have fun and tell us all about it when you get back

Ann K