Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yay for Saturdays!
Went out for a late breakfast/early lunch with my boys, then went to Hobby Lobby and loaded up on gorgeous pink and spring green tulle and Easter grass. Working on a fun project. :)
This little pretty is a bowl I have sitting on my work table. Whenever I have a scrap of ribbon or lace, or something inspirational that I want to save, I toss it into this bowl. Don't throw those lovely little ribbon scraps away. If for nothing else, than to gather them in a bowl to look pretty!
For the love of all things vintage...and whimsical....and glittery.....Miss Teresa herself has asked me to be a guest designer for this month's Bella E-Zine. Cloud 9, I tell you! I can't think of anything I'd rather be asked to do. You can go here to sign up for the Bellatoria. Come join us! (and check out my fellow guest designers - Sandra Evertson and Marilyn Healey!)


Read this last night on the floor of my nephew's bedroom, jotting down ideas on the back of a receipt from my purse. There are some gorgeous things in this issue, including an article about Sara from Sadie Olive. Go get it.

Have a lovely Saturday!

"A profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain speaks to me of all gentleness and its enduring." ~The Collected Later Poems of William Carlos Williams


Sadie Olive said...

Wow! Thanks Jennifer! :) You are too kind, my dear!

Pearl Maple said...

Visiting your blog is always a delight, always so many new ideas and inspiration being shared here.

MarilynH said...

Hello Jennifer, That is one yummy bowl of bits and pieces! I have something similar, but has moved out of something cute and onto something ugly because it is full of too much stuff, and actually has surpassed it's usefulness! LOL
I am excited to see what you come up with for Teresa!

Sudie said...

Oh, what Bella goodness are you going to come up with! congrats. Huge Bella fan. and JS fan too. ;)

Kara said...

jen!! i went to this place called craft o rama on south austin and i *think* i ran into your twin.
read about it on my blog.

i love your yummy bowl. if you had any kits leftover from your d.downey event i totally want one!! please?!?!?

hope you are well!!!

betsy said...

Soooo excited to get this months Paper Bella ezine! Congrats on being featured!

Jana said...

Hey, I think I recognize that cute little postcard in your pretty bowl! ;-) Congrats again on being asked to be a guest designer for Miss Foof, what a fun honor!! I love that magazine too.