Friday, February 29, 2008


Babysitting for my sister and her husband tonight while they celebrate their anniversary.

Here is one of the cutie patooties we'll be watching.
This is Jack and he's 2. :)
(this is a repost, but so darn cute)

Hoping to scrapbook a little on Saturday. Oh yeah...and pack more supplies for my Inspired workshops.
I'm currently working on putting 900 little glass bottles into bubble wrap bags.
One of those watch TV while you work tasks.

Sherry - the FLIP camera was lots of fun! Very, very easy to use. Definitely a "thumbs up" review from me.

Have a good weekend!


Sudie said...

Jack is so adorable. I love his sweet little voice.
Flip camers? I need to check that out. cool.

Teresa said...

Have Noah help you with those bottles, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of the Flip. I am thinking my son might need want to keep Nana updated on the Grands.

PS Jack is just too cute !

Anonymous said...

okay I can't type today
change the "want" to ONE duh!