Wednesday, January 09, 2008



Good things for today...

1. I bought the latest issue of Victoria magazine yesterday. Such beautiful inspiration inside.

2. Aren't these cupcakes cute? I bought the Sweetie Pie plate and these three cupcakes at Target. They are actually straw cups, but I took the straws out and am using them for Valentine decor.

3. Just joined a fabulous new design team. More info on that next week!

4. Stephanie's layouts are so gorgeous.

5. Found a vintage French essay book at Goodwill yesterday for $3.00.

6. Jana has started her own photography business!

7. We are taking a family trip to see my dad's family in Oklahoma in a few weeks. I love going there. It's a small town with beautiful old homes. And a new Starbucks. :)

8. Kim recently sent me some wonderful candles from her new store - Makin' Perfect Scents. They are yummy! My favorite scents? Pink Sugar/Birthday Cake and Lemon Verbena!

9. Stella's Journaling challenge blog is a great way to get you kick-started on doing more journaling on your scrapbook pages. Check it out!

10. Looking for acrylic stamp storage? I recently put all of my acrylic stamps on these wonderful storage sheets from Store More Stamps. It's so nice to have them all in one box on uniform sized sheets!

11. Making Ina's Individual Meat Loaves for dinner tonight. Yummy comfort food. These are so good because each little loaf has it's own crusty outside, the best part of the meatloaf. :)

12. My birthday is the day after superbowl Sunday, so we're combining the two for a Chili dinner/watch the SB commercials Family party for me at home, ha. :) It will be pink and brown decor, though!

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." ~William Shakespeare


stephanie said...

you, my dear, are the sweetest.
and i just bought those same plates and cup!!
happy wednesday.

Scrappy Jessi said...

dang girl you are on a roll!!
i saw all that cupcake stuff at target, to cute.
happy b day if i miis ya!

Heidi said...

How funny--I just came back from Target with that exact same cupcake plate! I'm sucker for anything with cupcakes on it. :) I bought an embarrassing amount of clothes from the Gymboree cupcake line for, for my little girl. ;) LOL

Jenny said...

Target is just evil. I saw those plates and cups the other day and closed my eyes so I wouldn't buy them. Now I wish I had!

Rachael said...

Ooh, that plate and the cupcakes are so cute!! I'll have to look for them!

Anonymous said...

Love that plate & cupcakes, guess I will be going to Target :)

Your Curly Haired Sista
Fatima (RAHS)

Maija said...

I love your recipes - I want to eat at your house all the time!

StevieK said...

We were in Target two weeks ago and we saw the Valentine's goodies in the home section. I had to get some!!! Now I can't wait for February (I have winter decor up now). Did you get the towels too? I couldn't resist! hehe

Jana said...

#3 is really exciting!!
#5 is very fun!!!
#7 is awesome since I'm from Oklahoma!!!
#12 is also fun & festive!!!!

and #6 is exciting, scary & freaking me out all at the same time!!

Diane said...

Ha ha ha, I'm another Target and cupcake lover. I bought the place matts to match. My girls love them!