Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm sitting at my desk, working on some projects today. I'm surrounded by a mess. But a pretty mess. Who wouldn't like to have piles of lace, fabric, vintage ribbon, and glass glitter everywhere? :)

When I work I like to listen to Sinatra Style music. It just fits me when I'm creating. And the old style just goes with the vintage things I'm working with at the moment. XM Radio online is great because I get to hear such a variety of songs. And I found a new favorite today - Tony DeSare.
I immediately went over to Itunes to listen to his music. While browsing, I found this Imix - The New Rat Pack. Fun! I'm an old soul. I'll take Tony Bennett and Harry Connick, Jr. over Justin Timberlake anyday. :)

Here's some fun news...... I was asked to join the design team for a brand new kit club - Twelve Fridays. :) I am really excited, especially since many of my favorite scrapbookers are on the team, too.
Twelve Fridays will be offering papers that aren't available anywhere else - manufactured just for these kits. Can't wait to get started!

"Music that gentlier on the spirit lies,Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes." ~Alfred Lord Tennyson


Rebecca said...

What a small world! I remember Tony from Ithaca College - he and my husband were there at the same time, and I met him once through a mutual friend. I didn't realize how big he had become! Thanks for mentioning him - I'm off to buy that album. :)

Ki Kruk said...

Congratulations Jennifer! I'm really looking forward to this adventure as well! Looking forward to working with you and getting to know you!

Casii said...

Headed to check out the new club
Thanks for the heads up on the music. I'm a huge Rat Pack and Harry Connic fan.

Andrea Amu said...

Yep, I like Harry too! Did you see him yet in the new movie, P.S I Love You?

Congrats on the new dt gig! Woo-Hooo! I'll have to check it out! ;) Have a good night!

stephanie said...

congratulations, girl!
i'm so happy for you and i can't wait to see what you do!

Jana said...

Congrats on your new DT....that's so cool & exciting!!!

tammy said...

Congrats on your new dt appointment! You sooooo deserve it!
Love the Valentine's book! Got to check out that music! Blessings!