Monday, January 28, 2008


1. Thrifted Pink Gooseberry Pyrex, 2. i can feel it in the air..,
3. Vintage Valentine, 4. sparkly, 5. red door black, 6. Roadtrip

Just found some pretty things on Flickr tonight that I wanted to share.
I love red, pink, cream, and silver. And who doesn't love hot chocolate?

Have you seen Donna's blog? She has photos of the nametags that she
is making BY HAND for the Inspired Arist Workshop in April.
I just love them!

I was reading some fun ideas for Valentine's Day on the Family Fun website and think I'll be doing this one - leave a trail of Hershey's red and silver kisses from your child's bed to the breakfast table, where you have the table set with Valentine's Day plates and napkins and a little treat bag/gift waiting for him. Oh...and leave a red cup at the beginning of the kisses trail so he can put the kisses in it as he follows the trail. Then serve chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Isn't that so cute?

Another idea was to make pink strawberry Valentine muffins (with real strawberry pieces) and put a Hershey kiss down in the middle of them so it melts while they are baking. YUM! Here is the recipe link.

I'm going to do a really sweet vintage giveaway on my birthday, so be watching for that!
(next Monday, 2/4)


"Let God's promises shine on your problems." ~Corrie Ten Boom


Kris with a K said...

Oooo, your birthday is coming! Yippee! Still need to figure out when we are going antiquing together...I might drag you into Hill Country Weavers while we're on SoCo, too. Sound like fun?? Love the I am on the hunt for the vintage Pyrex in pink!

Scrappy Jessi said...

what great finds!!!
i did see donna this morning. now that is an awesome progect. i might have to buy that one!
have a great week

stephanie said...

you have no idea how many times i have bid on those bowls on ebay and lost them. grrr.
gorgeous collage!

Colleen said...

I am definitely going to leave a trail of goodies for my girls to follow. I love that idea!

Andrea Amu said...

Hey Jen, I couldn't help but notice your picture #6... from Five Gables Bedford, Pa! When did you roadtrip there? Did you happen to go to Founders Crossing Antique Market? I love that's the link if you haven't...

:)Have a good one!

Crafty P said...

Oh I love those ideas and LOVE family fun. I made cinnamon chip muffins in the shape of hearts last year and the boys really love them.

Just found some strawberries at Sam's this week- they're humongous!

I remembered you mentioned QVC was scrapping on Monday and set my DVR to record! I'm going to pray that it's a snow day!