Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Noah: Mommy, Megan told me something today quietly but she told me not to tell ANYONE except my Mommy.

Me: Oh? What did she tell you?

Noah: That she's kind of in love with me.

Me: What did you say when she told you?

Noah: I just did this. (hangs mouth waay wide open) And Kelly still stares at me across the room. That's two.

Girls. It's so less complicated just to hang out in your living room blanket tent. :)


Stevie said...

Too funny!

Noah's (favorite) aunt Allison said...

Cutie!! I'm kind of in love with him too!!!

Anonymous said...

Noah is so adorable and smart.
I don't just say that as his grandma. Really!
Noah's Grandma

Heather said...

That is too cute!