Monday, December 03, 2007


Just thought I'd share some holiday ideas today. Things I've found or want to try. Hopefully something will inspire you. Why don't you listen to some Christmas music while you read? :)

1. Cranberry Crown Cheesecake. (pictured) Oh yeah, I'll be making this sometime this month.

2. Natural Placecard Holders. I love the idea of having the natural twigs on the table. And the greenery smells so good.

3. Rebecca Sower's Christmas ideas. She has been sharing some homemade Christmas decor ideas on her blog lately and they are just gorgeous. I love everything she does.

4. The Holiday. Got in bed last night and watched this on the laptop. I thought it was a sweet movie, definitely worth the $4 I paid for it at Target on Black Friday. David fell asleep when Jack Black was not funny. :)

5. Christmas Song Book. This is a printable book with lyrics to the most beloved Christmas carols. Print out several copies for your next get-together. :) Each song also contains a short note about the song's origin.

6. Bundled Candles. To add more light to your holiday table, bundle your taper candles together with a beautiful ribbon, place in a hurricane lamp or large jar, and light. Pretty!

7. Kelli Crowe's Holiday Scrapbook Layout. Kelli is so smart. She made this two-page layout with 25 blank journaling spaces, ready to fill in with what the family does during the month of December. How fun to write down the little things that are so important. Love this.

8. Ali Edwards' Blog. Ali is just FULL of Christmas inspiration this year. So many fun ideas! Be sure to check her archives for November and even October, when she started her Christmas posts.

9. Nora Griffin's gift wrap ideas! Nora is so inspiring to me and her blog is one I love. Look at her fabulous ideas for gift wrap and labels, using what she's already got at home.

10. Cranberry Hot Toddies. I'd like to try these, too. Yum. Stay warm!


Jenny said...

I bought The Holiday at Target the day after Thanksgiving as well for $4 and it was the best $4 I've ever spent! I thought it was one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen. I watched it while I was scrapbooking, and I ended up stopping the scrapbooking and just watching the movie!

Thanks for the inspiration with the jars of candy and ribbons. That is so cute, I plan on going to Target today, getting some jars and candy and putting them out with ribbons.

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful ideas! :) tfs!

Kate said...

You always have the most scrumchous recipes!

toners said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing all those links :)

Patti said...

I just love all the Christmas ideas you've been posting! So much so that I decided to come out of lurkdom and leave you a comment. Thanks for making my day a bit more festive!! :-)

Amanda said...

Love the candles and the natural wood place holders. I am planning a wedding for a friend who is getting married in a couple of week and the candles would make gorgous center peices. Never would have thought to tie them together. Thanks!

Jana said...

What awesome ideas!!

deb said...

So many great links Jennifer! Can't wait to check them out. I have to say I've seen The Holiday a good 4 or 5 times already. How sad, huh? But I just love it.. and it's a great moving to watch while you're working type thing - usually boxing up orders. :) My hubby laughed at me when he'd come in and see the movie AGAIN. But he finally watched it with me and liked it. That Jude Law - swoon. :)