Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Guess what I've been doing tonight?
The tree is up! I'm not quite finished, but getting there.

Tomorrow I'll do the garland on the stairs. I have a fun idea for a decoration there and will see if it works. If it does, I'll take pictures, lol.

Friday morning we're up before dawn to hit Starbucks for an EggNog Latte then on to Toys R Us, Target, and Old Navy. Yahoo! (By "we" I mean me, my mom and 2 of my sisters.)

Everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving with those you love. :)

Here's a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for you...


Maija said...

Sounds like a great plan, Jennifer!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kara said...

awww....jen! how fun!! i am lacking in all creative depts. right now for the holidays. :(
you girls have fun shopping!! i am going to Houston this weekend to shop. woohoo!! :D

Jill said...

Oooh your tree is up! I wanted to get mine up... but no luck yet. After tomorrow for sure! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with much love!